For the love of senior pets

For the love of senior pets
Our Scarlett lived to almost 20.

For the love of senior pets...or should that be the entertaining antics of senior pets. If you have an older pet in the house, you know that senior and sedate are not one in the same.

Most mornings, the feline Olympics begin not long before the alarm goes off. It starts with the Ultimate Fighting Championship at the other end of the house followed by the Amazing Race through the house. The grand finale is the feline hop, skip, jump and swat – hop onto the bed and then skip to the chair by the window, jump to the top of the cat tree and swat at the other cat.

Our cats - Ellie and Max - are around 8-years-old. Their next vet check will officially be their senior checkup. You could have fooled us…they’re not missing a step or athletic move in their “old age.” Yep, they are officially in the senior pets club. But, no one believes me when I tell them that.

Ellie wants to know if it's time to play.

Ellie wants to know if it's time to play.

If our last two cats are any indication, we could be up for these antics for a long time. The Late Great Rhett the Wonder Cat lived till 15 and his sister Scarlett was almost 20 when she died. Scarlett didn’t really lose at step until after she lost her brother.

Why does this matter?

Everyday, many “senior” pets are left behind at animal controls and shelters. These are pets that had been loyal family members being left behind in their golden years. When they do catch on at shelters and rescues, it often takes too long for them to find new homes. After all, who wants an “old pet” when so many puppies and kittens are available.

November is Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month. And, if the seniors in our house are any indication, there are plenty of entertaining antics still in store with an “older” pet. I look at our pair, adopted together seven years ago, and I see the dynamic duo and two very important parts of our family. People miss out on so much by overlooking these great pets.

Max gears up for another great feline race.

Max gears up for another great feline race.

During the next month, I’ll share a series of posts about senior pets. I’ll look at those left behind, those in rescue and plans for the future for one of Chicago’s biggest supporters of senior pets. I’ll also look at cool products and pet news for the senior pet in your life.

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