From five minutes to heartbreak to a happy ending

From five minutes to heartbreak to a happy ending
Cindy blossomed in foster care and has been adopted and renamed Rose.

For Rose the dog, life is finally a day at the beach. It really is. A new family, two dog sisters and a different life is now hers after losing everything just one month ago. Her story shows what rescue and adoption means for pets that have given up hope after losing the only life they have ever known. From five minutes to heartbreak to a happy ending thanks to a rescue.

It’s hard to believe that this is the same dog we profiled a few weeks ago in my Five Minutes to Heartbreak blog post. Rose, then known as Cindy, was abandoned by her family at Chicago Animal Care and Control. The side-by-side photos showed a happy dog one minute and heartbroken dog five minutes later after her family left her behind to an uncertain fate.

This side-by-side photo of Cindy prompted the original blog post.

This side-by-side photo of Cindy prompted the original blog post.

In that blog post, I talked about the affect being left behind has on so many pets. That picture is something that people in animal controls, shelters and rescues see everyday…but it’s only part of the story. Today’s story is why so many people give their heart and soul to rescue so that five minutes to heartbreak can become a happy ending.

Before my story was posted, the dog transfer team at Chicago Animal Care and Control reached out to Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus. They quickly arrived at animal control and took her into her program and moved her into a foster home.

Cindy's rescue

Cindy was curled up in a crate when her fosters went to bring her into their home. She’d been kept out of the kennel area with other dogs because she was so frightened. Cindy started to blossom as soon as she was sprung and her beautiful disposition was also apparent everyday in foster.

Cindy loved hanging with the other dogs in foster care.

Cindy loved hanging with the other dogs in foster care.

“She was so happy to be in a home again,” says her foster mom Lynn Miller. “She was a perfect house guest, lived nicely with a cat, small dog and 3 other Dobermans. She is a very loving dog and such an angel. I cannot imagine anyone taking her to the animal control and dumping her off like an old pair of shoes. She didn't even mind getting her nails trimmed."

In the meantime, I posted the picture and blog post and it started spreading throughout the animal rescue community around the globe thanks to social media. The post struck a chord with so many people who deal with the aftershock of pets left behind every day…that one dog’s story tells the story of so many.

The rest of the story

Shortly after Five Minutes to Heartbreak went live, IDR+ reached out to tell me Cindy was safe with them and doing fine. I updated the story and donations came in to help with the care of Cindy and pets in IDR+s care. Although IDR+ specializes in Doberman rescue, they take in all kinds of dogs and cats and kittens too.

Cindy has been renamed Rose and lives on the lake with two other dogs with a great family.

Cindy has been renamed Rose and lives on the lake with two other dogs with a great family.

And, her profile was eventually spotted by her new family on the rescue’s Web page. They saw her picture, read her story and welcomed her into their family that also includes and older Min Pin named Mocha and a year old Doberman named Daisy.

As part of her happy ending, Cindy has been renamed Rose – a very fitting name for such a beautiful dog who is just starting to bloom. She now lives on a lake with a family lovingly devoted to their dogs, never having to worry about another trip to animal control again. Mocha has fallen in love with her and loves having a new companion.

Daisy and Rose are also starting to get to know each other - “Rose is more mature, and ‘grown up’ acting, which nicely balances Daisy’s “I still have a puppy brain” – is the word from her new family. Rose continues to explore and get comfortable in the house by the lake where she truly belongs.

In honor of Rose

Here’s my wish in honor of Rose – I’d like the many people who shared the Five Minutes post to also share this story to encourage more families to work with rescues to help more dogs and cats left behind. As you can see by Rose's happy ending, one adoption makes a world of difference for the one animal you save...and it opens the door for another animal to be rescued.

You may also help the Illinois Doberman Plus Rescue by donating online or going to their 10th Anniversary Bash on Saturday, September 7 as they celebrate Rose and the many other animals they’ve given a second chance to over the years.

Or, reach out to help other rescues, it will change another life like Cindy/Rose.

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