Fostering kittens saves lives during kitten season

It’s summertime and if you’re going to be around for a few weeks or will be planning a staycation, here’s a great way to volunteer and save a life or lives at the same time. It’s kitten season at animal shelters. That means they are overflowing with kittens. By fostering kittens for a few weeks until space opens at a local shelter or rescue, you’d be saving a life or lives.

Shelters and rescues are full until kittens are adopted out, but they will take more into their program if they have more people fostering kittens during kitten season. To foster, you just need to fill out an application with approved rescues. They will interview you and show you the ropes when it comes to foster. They also provide veterinary care and food…you provide the love.

The best thing about fostering kittens is that you get all the cuddly cuteness of a kitten without the long-term commitment. In a few weeks, they’ll head off to a shelter or rescue. Then you can decide to foster again or not to help out more kittens during kitten season or adult cats later on. The more animals that can be fostered, the more lives that can be saved.

The following organizations are homeward bound approved rescues at Chicago Animal Care and Control. Click on each link to fill out an application to help. If you live in another area, check with the animal control or with rescues in your community about fostering kittens.

How to foster

Approved rescues and shelters for CACC – Adopt-A-Pet; Angles on Wheels Animal Rescue; ARFHouse Chicago; Bow Wow Revolution (email to; Friends of CACC; H.E.L.P.; Illinois Animal Rescue; Lulu’s Locker Rescue; PAWS Chicago; Reach Out Rescue; Save-A-Pet; Starfish Animal Rescue; St. Sophia’s Forgotten Felines; and Tree House Humane Society.

Giving a few weeks of your time by fostering kittens means a world of difference to the kittens waiting rescue and to the rescues needing fosters. If your rescue would like to become a Homeward Bound Rescue, go here for more information. You may follow the Cat Transfer Team’s updates on Facebook to see kittens and cats needing rescue.

The slide show below features some of the kittens that were (and may still be) at animal control earlier in the week. Read about the work of the Cat Transfer Team in this story. Read this story about fostering to learn how a short-term commitment means a lot to rescues.

Writer's note: This story was published in 2013. The kittens below are not available...but many more do need a foster. It truly will save their lives.

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