Dog Breed Cartoons cater to everyone with cool products

Wouldn’t it be great if your dog had his or her own cartoon? The next best thing is out there with a newly launched Chicago-based Website – Dog Breed Cartoons – that is home to over 50,000 products featuring the fun and colorful dog breeds that make up many of our lives.

“The inspiration comes from our two dogs who religiously sit in the kitchen hoping for something to come their way,” says Claude Hanhart, creator of Dog Breed Cartoons. “I took pictures of them and had the idea of cartooning them. Then, I expanded the concept to all breeds.”

You select the breed, color scheme and product before ordering on Zazzle.

You select the breed, color scheme and product before ordering on Zazzle.

All breeds and products is an even better description. There is a great selection of over 175 fun and colorful dog breed cartoon designs that range from the lovable Affenpinscher to the feisty Yorkshire Terrier and most breeds in between. The product lines encompass phone cases, T-shirts, tote bags, dog bowls, luggage tags, car stickers and more.

Using the site is simple. You select your dog breed and then select from various color and style options by clicking into Zazzle. Then, choose from the wide range of products offered on the site.

“We believe that our drawings are unique in the sense because of the way we apply simple, bold lines,” adds Hanhart. “We also depict all dogs from the front, not the side. We’re preparing for more design variations with another 100 breeds coming on board before the end of the year."

Take a peek at some of the cool products available in the Zazzle store for Dog Breed Cartoons.

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