Pet travel: Cool carriers provide lots of options

If you’re hitting the road with your pet in tow, you need to know your options on what to do to keep your pet safe when you’re out and about. When it comes to pet travel, there are a variety of options to consider to be sure your pet is safe and sound, especially when it comes to pet carriers.

Before you go, swing by the pet specialty store to shop for a carrier and consider the following:

Size of your pet – Pet travel will be more comfortable for your dog or cat if he or she has enough room to stretch out, stand up and move around comfortably. If you can’t take your pet with you to check out carriers, measure your pet’s length and height and check out options at the store. Many smaller carriers that say they are good for cats aren’t a great option if you have a larger cat in the house (like our Maine Coon mixes).

How you’ll be traveling – If your pet travel involves  flying, you’ll need to get airline rated crates (for cargo) and pet bags (under your seat). If you’re driving, look for crates or carriers that are easy to buckle into the car and are a good fit for your vehicle.

Length of time your pet will be crated – If your pet will be in the crate in the car for a long time, they’ll need more space. Also think about how long your pet will be crated at your final destination since some hotels may require that your pet is crated when left in the room.

Mobility – If you have a larger dog and will be dealing with a larger crate, consider how you’ll move it around. If you are walking through the airport with a dufflebag carrier, there are several kinds with wheels that make it easier to get around.

Room with a view – Some pets need to see as much as possible of their surroundings when crated. Other pets don’t want to see much at all and prefer a darker, quieter setting.

Alternative spaces – You want to make sure you have a crate or some type of enclosed area for your pet when you leave them in the room. Another thing to consider is shaded spaces when you’re at the beach or park with your pet.

For pet travel tips on pet safety in the car, read this article.

For cool things to pack for your pet, check out this article.

Check out some options in the slideshow below. Many of the products are at pet specialty stores and others are online.

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