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Pet travel: Tips for getting your pet ready to hit the road

<b>Get used to short trips first</b> – If your dog (or cat) only hits the road for unpleasant trips like the vet or groomer, you need to do some work before you leave. Take short trips – maybe 15 minutes to the park – before working up to longer car trips. Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="_blank">Bergan</a>.
Pet travel is becoming a more popular option for families as more folks hit the road with their pet in tow – whether its to pet-friendly venues or on vacation. As families make plans for pet travel, too often they forget about car safety measures for their dog or forget that a pet may need... Read more »

Adopt A Shelter Cat Month: Cats rule Chicago with fun weekend events

Chicago is waiving its cat pride this weekend for Adopt a Shelter Cat Month with a couple of big events aimed at helping find homes for more of the city’s homeless kitties and helping out one of the city’s oldest cat shelters. Four shelters will join forces for the Windy City Feline Frenzy on Saturday... Read more »

Rescuing the Rescuers at the National Mill Dog Rescue

For the past six years, the National Mill Dog Rescue has been rescuing dogs from puppy mills around the country. Thanks to the organization, nearly 8,000 dogs have gotten a new life. Now, the dog rescue is rescuing the rescuers by giving refuge to its founder and other volunteers displaced by the Black Forest fire... Read more »

A visit to a cat friendly veterinary practice

Cats continue to be America’s most popular pet, outnumbering dogs by 15 million, but they are only half as likely to go to the veterinarian for preventive care as their canine counterparts. A recent study by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) found that cat visits to the vet have dropped 30% in the past... Read more »

North Chicago Animal Control sees quick turnaround

North Chicago Animals Needing Rescue - Jack is a great boy who loves everyone and has been good with dogs at the shelter. He even seems to be happy in the kennel, but would rather be out with people.
There’s a movement in many communities aimed at changing the mission and the perception of their local animal controls. In the Chicago-area alone, there’s a growing number of community animal controls that have made a total turnaround from being a holding place until pets run out of time and are euthanized to  helping them find... Read more »

Black Forest fire destroys home of puppy mill rescuers

The Black Forest fire has destroyed the home of a Colorado family that founded an organization responsible for rescuing over 7,700 dogs from horrid conditions in puppy mills over the past six years. Theresa and Rich Strader, their two daughters and all of their dogs were able to evacuate in time and are now staying... Read more »

The tale of two pet store protests

In the world of puppy mills and dog sales, the local story tends to focus on where your community is on the supply and demand side of the business. If you’re from Missouri and Iowa, the number one and two states for puppy mills, the spotlight is on the breeders, auctions and legislation focused on... Read more »

Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month: Special programs and promotions

One way to spread the word about Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month is to get four of the oldest organizations in the city to join forces for the Windy City Feline Frenzy. The Anti-Cruelty Society, Chicago Animal Care & Control, Tree House Humane Society and Felines & Canines will all participate in the two-day extravaganza on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23.
If you’ve been considering adding a cat to the family, now is a great time to take the plunge. June is National Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month and many Chicago-area shelters and rescues are coming up with creative ways to help more cats and kittens find homes. During this time of year, shelters are overflowing with kittens... Read more »

Brothers create My Dog Talks app to get pets talking

What do you do to challenge your kids to put down their digital gadgets and get creative? If you’re Heather and Marc Fineman, you challenge you sons to stop playing with their apps and beat their winter boredom by creating one of their own. They accepted the challenge and created My Dog Talks. “We started... Read more »

What’s New Pussy Cat? Free spa services with cat adoption

What’s New Pussy Cat? People who adopt cats from several shelters in Chicago will be getting more than just a furry new family member this summer. Chicago’s Luminere Spa is offering either a complimentary Brazilian wax or facial with if you adopt a cat from various shelters that has been rescued from Chicago Animal Care... Read more »
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