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Leaving your dog tied up unattended puts him or her at risk

Have you left your dog tied up unattended? I’m not talking long-term. Just for a minute, a quick run into the store or to grab a hot coffee or cool drink. There’s a sign pole or bike rack or tree right there. It’s only for a minute. You leave your dog tied up and step... Read more »

National Pet Day: Why stepping up saves lives

April 11 is National Pet Day. Founded by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige, it’s a day that is meant to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives. It also creates public awareness about the plight of many different kinds of animals awaiting a forever home in shelters all across... Read more »

Cat Spa Day: Cats to take over Chicago Party Animals

Cats will finally have their day at Chicago Party Animals this weekend for the first ever cat-friendly bash at Chicago’s premier off-leash doggy party spot. There’s nothing better than a Cat Spa Day for Tree House Humane Society to properly christen CPA with plenty of pampering going on for females and felines. Cat-friendly party? Am... Read more »

Battling pet obesity: There’s an app for that

If you’re battling pet obesity in your house, look no further than your smart phone for help. There’s an app for that called Petmobi  that can help you get a handle on getting your pet track. Launched earlier this year, the app taps into technology to help you do a better job monitoring how much... Read more »

Pet adoption events make debut at Collar and Leash this weekend

When Collar & Leash opens its doors this morning, it will be the dawn of a new day as it stops selling puppies and kittens. Chicago’s oldest pet store begins hosting pet adoption events this weekend. It’s a move that was several years in the making. During that time, The  Puppy Mill Project has been... Read more »
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