Battling pet obesity: There’s an app for that

If you’re battling pet obesity in your house, look no further than your smart phone for help. There’s an app for that called Petmobi  that can help you get a handle on getting your pet track. Launched earlier this year, the app taps into technology to help you do a better job monitoring how much your pet should eat. It also keeps tabs on exercise and more.

Petmobi is a cool app that helps you keep track of your fight against pet obesity.

Petmobi is a cool app that helps you keep track of your fight against pet obesity.

With the nice weather finally here, there’s tons of motivation to get your dog out and active. However, if he or she is wolfing down too many calories a day, it’s a bit harder to get them back down to the right weight.

A veterinarian launched PetMobi and it has a lot of cool features –

  • Personal pet profiles – You are able to create a profile of your pet or pets that include a photo, pet’s vital information like name, age gender, weight loss goal and activity level.


    You can connect with friends to keep them updated on your pets activities with Petmobi.

  • Pet food database – It’s often hard to battle pet obesity because most pet foods don’t give you caloric information. Petmobi has a database with thousands of pet foods that will set calorie goals and helps you log daily exercise and food intake.
  • Support network – Battling pet obesity is so much easier with help from your friends. Petmobi is also a social network that lets you share and connect with friends and family. New upgrades to the app that just went live allows pet owners to share photos, update their status, connect with other pet lovers and share directly to Facebook.
  • Incentives – Another new upgrade to the app is that you may now accumulate points for rewards that may be redeemed at major online retailers. You may also make donations to the ASPCA through the app. You may also get tags or badges for hitting major milestones.

    You are doing more than getting your pet in shape. Petmobi lets you earn rewards too.

    You are doing more than getting your pet in shape. Petmobi lets you earn rewards too.

Pet obesity is becoming a big issue in our country. Just like with people, pets risk additional health problems with excess weight like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and joint problems.

This app is helpful for all animals, but it’s especially a good tool for indoor cats that often get little exercise, but lots of food. Petmobi is free for one pet with an additional 99-cent fee for each additional pet. It’s available everywhere in the iPhone App Store.

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