My Pets on Time: Try new pet program to keep pets on track

If you feel like you need a personal assistant or at least an app to keep track of your pet's schedule, you're in luck. A new program is in the works called My Pets On Time that aims to do just that. The program in development will keep track of veterinary appointments, trips to the groomer, doggy play dates and timing on medications so you don’t forget the important things. This video shows an update as to where they are in development.

This more than just a pet planner. My Pets on Time may also be set up for you to provided limited access of information for your pet’s care providers. If you have a dog walker or groomer, they can see what they need to see from vaccination records to allergies. A veterinarian may have access to pretty much everything – if you want. (See original story.)

My Pets on Time is getting closer to launching and is raising funds for its development through an Indiegogo fundraiser. Some of the cool options you get for donating to this product in development is free use of the program for a year or forever. The amount of free usage depends on your donation and the campaign runs through tomorrow.

If you have several pets, especially those going to groomers, agility, the vet and more, My Pets on Time is really quite awesome. Even if you hae one pet, it's nice to be able to access certain records all the time - like that holiday trip to the emergency vet when your own vet is closed. If you're tracking food issues or other problems with one pet and it’s nice to have a spot to keep track of what she is eating and how she reacts. You can log on by computer or smart phone access your account.

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