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Policy Point Wednesday: Poverty, Interventions, Science, and Perspective

Recently, I came across this post, “Why I Won’t Do the Food Stamp Challenge,” a must-read for food advocates of all stripes. In it, the author describes the reality her foster kids’ mothers faced: “The mother has used up her TANF payments, and so they are living on food stamps. But food stamps don’t pay... Read more »

Policy Point Wednesday: Labels and the Food Desert

Policy Point Wednesday: Labels and the Food Desert
In a recent Op-Ed for CNN, John Bare – VP of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation wrote that the biggest problem in the food desert is the label itself: he asserts that a diagnosis of food desert status “too easily turns into a club used to beat families most in need.” An  article he links by... Read more »

Policy Point Wednesday: Infographic on Global Health Habits


Policy Point Wednesday: Yale Rudd Center on Weight Bias

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A fellow advocate recently posted this video from Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, and the first few minutes really struck me. I have always considered the Rudd Center to be an invaluable resource both for food policy information and for information on weight bias and stigma – so I invite you to... Read more »

Policy Point Wednesday: Mindful Eating and the Chocolate Craving MindBus

One huge obstacle to a healthy lifestyle is changing stubborn problem behavior. Most public policy interventions focus on external change: improving access to healthy foods, offering education on nutrition and cooking, and promoting physical activity. Scientific American recently reported on research in the UK, which places its focus on internal change. In the study Resisting... Read more »

Policy Point Wednesday: Did Changes in WIC Drive Change in the Food Desert?

H/T to The Lunch Tray, who linked a discussion in the New Yorker about the connection between reduced rates of obesity and 2009 changes to the WIC  (Supplemental Nutritional Program for Women, Infants, and Children) program.  The Rudd Center director suggested that one factor in this change might be that “fringe food” purveyors may be... Read more »

Policy Point Wednesday: Advertising vs Education Spending

Last week, Marion Nestle of the blog Food Politics had some fun with numbers: she created a chart to compare profits and advertising expenditures for the top 10 bestselling brands of cereal, which include popular cereals from Kellogg, General Mills and one from Post.  These 10 foods alone, most of which are high in added... Read more »

Policy Point Wednesday: Food Deserts and Internet Access

The most common intervention in food deserts is to encourage food purveyors to move there, assuming that improved access will also improve the health of the residents.  Municipalities frequently put tax dollars towards access, either as incentives for grocers to build stores or as subsidies for farmer’s market purchases.  These interventions require a bit of a... Read more »

Producemobile - Part II

Producemobile - Part II
Evanston’s site for the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s Producemobile, which I wrote about earlier this year, is a volunteer-driven effort that serves our community once a month.  This month, Sparky and I volunteered together and I remembered to bring my camera. Yesterday,  the truck dropped off 8,000 pounds of food.  Volunteers, including many young people,... Read more »

Policy Point Wednesday: Talking to Your Kids About Their Health

H/T to Science of Mom: The Journal of the American Medical Association’s Pediatrics  just published a study by the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health.  As part of long-term project EAT (Eating Among Teens), a study “to identify the socio-environmental, personal, and behavioral determinants of nutritional intake and weight  status among a large and ethnically... Read more »