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Improve your zippered bags by using a serger

I love making zippered bags because they are so handy. I really enjoy tidying an area up by putting things in a bag. They are also terrific for travel or purses. I have a new tip for you; you can improve your zippered bags by using a serger. Let me show you how. If you... Read more »

DIY Zippered Pouch tutorial

Here are the top and the bottom of the pouch. They will both be folded in half and joined with a zipper.
Need a little something to keep everything organized? You can follow this DIY Zippered Pouch tutorial for pencils, make up or even small toys. Materials: – sizes are somewhat approximate especially for back. You may have leftover fabric. 5″ by 13″ piece of fabric – careful if directional 17″ by 13″ coordinating piece of fabric –... Read more »