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5 kinds of scissors are must haves

I have really excellent scissor skills according to my granddaughter. I believe her because I love scissors and being a quilter and a sewist, I use them all the time. I have way too many scissors in my sewing studio some of which I could live without. I think 5 kinds of scissors are must... Read more »

10 Fascinating Facts about scissors

Scissors are an integral part of sewing and quilting. They are an essential tool but just darn fun to own. We don’t run with our scissors, nope we clip, cut and create with them. But besides two handles and two blades what do I know about scissors? Barely anything so let’s learn some facts about... Read more »

Havels scissors join my collection

As you may know, I love social media. I have my facebook page, my personal fb account, a Goodread account, a yelp account, an instagram account and a twitter account. I am mainly on Facebook but I jump around on the other accounts as well. It is surprising how each has added to my real... Read more »