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Template Free Kaffe Fassett Quilt Finished

I can feel some grumbling out there in Quilting Sewing Creating land. I know, I know!  I promised that the Template Free Kaffe Fassett quilt would be finished by mid July and it is now nearly the middle of August. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice, sorry! However, good news, the quilt is now finished,... Read more »

Kaffe Fassett template free quilt top finished

I love Kaffe Fassett fabrics almost as much as chocolate.  In addition I am a fool for piecing and even more than that I adore finishing a quilt top.  You are not going to believe this but all three of these wondrous events came together yesterday like some sort of fabric sundae with a cherry... Read more »

Template free piecing - part two

What is more fun than working on a quilt top made of great fabrics and clever piecing?  (OK, maybe winning a tropical vacation but work with me here.)  I am having a grand time putting this all together.  I am practically petting the fabrics as I cut them.  Plus the pattern is a pleasure to... Read more »

Template free piecing

I learned to quilt with templates and used them for quite a while.  I still have a bag of plastic graph paper templates and a set of hard plastic templates.  It took a whole lot of time to mark and cut out all those pieces and then mark all the stitch lines.  That was the... Read more »