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2018 goals in writing and sewing

My 2018 goals in writing and sewing are dynamic. I have some ideas that might change as I go through the year. Here they are right now: 1. Blog – Write a post 3 or 4 times a month. I love keeping in touch with all of you! And I love posting about my sewing. 2.... Read more »

My 12 sewing resolutions for 2016 results - how did I do?

Last year I had 12 goals portrayed in my sewing room. I even described them all in a photo gallery. Time to come clean and see the sewing resolutions for 2016 results, how did I do? 1. My first goal was to do something with the Alaskan fabric I had been sitting on. I resolved... Read more »

Sewing and Life Goals for 2015

I am a list maker and not just one, I keep various lists around the house. I also have been a journal writer for much of my life. I like to keep track of things by writing them down. I have records of who I have made what on various holidays, past addresses where I’ve... Read more »