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Best adhesive for Applique

I love to sew but I am also a tad lazy. If I can find an easier or better way to do something, I am all in. Everyone at guild was talking about fabric glues and they got me all excited also. I had bibs to make and I wanted to know which is the... Read more »

How to make a buttonhole tutorial - Back to School Blog Hop

I learned how to make buttonholes years ago in Home Ec Class. I didn’t even know that I should be nervous. So I wasn’t and you shouldn’t be either. I am here to help you. In fact, it’s my post as part of the Back to School blog hop. Let’s learn how to make a... Read more »

How to sew a zipper to make a bag tutorial

You can pick up a zipper in almost any color you like. I am a zipper nut so I keep them on hand. They should be bigger than your project. This is a small bag project. I cut the fabric to the size I wanted, two different pieces. I sewed them together, first.  It's clever if you make the stitches bigger in the middle but no big deal if you don't.
I follow a bunch of different quilters on FB and Instagram and I am always surprised how many comments I read about zippers. Quilters are intimidated by zippers! They therefore avoid certain projects that involve putting in a zipper. I understand that if you didn’t come to quilting via clothing construction. Yay for Jr. High... Read more »

New way to cut fabric strips

I love writing about quilting almost as much as I love quilting and sewing. I am lucky enough to do that right here at ChicagoNow and also, once a month at Havel’s Sewing Blog. They are really nice to me at Havel’s and recently asked me if I needed anything. I asked for a replacement... Read more »

Perfect tin for Storing Pins

Recently I wrote a post about Decorative tins, my love for them and how I use them all over the house. It was fun to write and even more fun to read your comments. (I was relieved no one said, What are you some kind of tin nut?) One of the comments I really took... Read more »

9 Quick Sewing Machine Tips Learned the hard way

I am trying to finally get the blocks done for Zara’s No Dragons on my Quilt and last night I was oh so close to finishing one. I was eager to go downstairs and watch a show on TV with my husband with a piece of pie. Fine, it was the pie that was really... Read more »

Better Tips for Turning Fabric Inside Out

I recently wrote a blog where I gave what I thought were decent ideas for turning fabric inside out. Boy, was I mistaken! All of you had way better ideas than I did. I took them to heart and today I decided to make a bunch of headbands for my daughter and try out these... Read more »

Confessions of a Sewing Gadget Junkie

Fabric is fabulous and something I collect, love and even use. Thread is right up there. Luscious colors, weights and uses. I’ve waxed on about how much of them I have and where I put it all. But I’ve been perhaps less than transparent about another desire I satiate at quilt stores. It’s time to... Read more »

Listening to Podcasts of Serial while I Sew

About a week ago my daughter begged me to listen to the podcast Serial that everyone is buzzing about. Up to this point, I had never listened to a podcast in my life. Here’s my dirty little secret – I am super lousy with iTunes and loading my iPod. I haven’t updated it in, oh,... Read more »

Havels scissors join my collection

As you may know, I love social media. I have my facebook page, my personal fb account, a Goodread account, a yelp account, an instagram account and a twitter account. I am mainly on Facebook but I jump around on the other accounts as well. It is surprising how each has added to my real... Read more »
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