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The Adoptive Community made me feel Special

September’s blogapalooza came up quickly! We get a topic and an hour to write about it and I enjoy it. Usually I am coming up with my own topics and they are centered around quilting and sewing. Once a month, I don’t have to think of the topic and I can tell a story. You... Read more »

A new blue and grey t-shirt quilt finish

My nephew graduated from college in May of 2014. As part of our present to him, I offered to make him a t-shirt quilt to be delivered before his 30th birthday. He had the 12 t-shirts to me lickety split.  Here we are about 18 months later and I am proud to announce a new... Read more »

Graduation T-shirt quilt top

It’s no secret that I rather like making t-shirt quilts. It’s not that they are so creative, rather it’s that people really like them. I hadn’t finished one since my husband’s and my nephew up and graduated from college. Way to go! In with his card and check, I put a note saying that if... Read more »

Getting to Know Our Readers - Eighth in a Series

It’s my favorite time of the week, the post for getting to know our readers. I just love reading the emails I get back from quilters. After all this time of being read, I get to do the reading and I love it! without further ado I would like to introduce you to Sheila Roberts.... Read more »

Orange and blue T-shirt quilt was a Father's day hit

I finished Cliff’s Orange and blue T-shirt quilt and it was a hit. Technically it was supposed to be for Father’s day but I was too excited to wait. I gave it to him on Friday night. He got home from golfing as I took the last stitc I had written about it in another... Read more »

Michael Miller Challenge and T-shirt quilt

I am slowly getting back into gear, my brain is no longer in the Caribbean. I finished one repeat sewing project and I have the Michael Miller Challenge and T-shirt quilt going on right now.  Want to see? I am glad because I want to show you. On a whim, at the last minute, I signed up... Read more »

8 reasons NOT to buy a fake t-shirt quilt from PB Teen

I love t-shirt quilts, love them. I have made four of them with another in the planning stages. In fact I just completed a four part series on how to make your own that’s how much I want to spread the word. You can catch step one right here! Now I realize that not everyone... Read more »

DIY t-shirt quilt - step four, quilting and binding

What a glorious feeling it is to finish a quilt, I adore it. I think that superb feeling is what gets us quilters through to the end. We may be at a tedious point but we remember that flush of pleasure of the finished product and we keep going. So let’s do it, let’s finish... Read more »

DIY t-shirt quilt tutorial - step three, finishing the top

We are moving right along on this t-shirt quilt, yes? Working on my quilt as I write the blog posts has kept me sewing. I hope it has been motivating for you as well. This step will make your t-shirts look like a quilt, you will really believe it. Ready? Let’s go DIY t-shirt quilt... Read more »

DIY T-shirt quilt tutorial step two - sashing

Welcome back T-Shirt quilt maker! You are ready to move on, yes? Do you have your twelve t-shirt squares all set? And you know in what order you are arranging them? Yay! I love you guys. Let’s move on to DIY T-shirt quilt tutorial step two – sashing. (Want a quick refresher of step one?... Read more »