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10 inch heart block tutorial

I am a recent fan of group quilts. What I love is when you make one block, yes ONE and that’s it. you are done. It’s so quick and fun and you  can find directions for nearly every block on line. I thought it was time for me to add another tutorial to the general... Read more »

Double Friendship Star Block Tutorial

Last week I wrote a tutorial for a Double Churn Dash Block. I enjoyed making it and writing the blog post. Plus, it was for a group quilt so I set about dispatching it. I quickly reviewed the attributes of the contributions – white background, check. Bright colors, check. 9.5″ unfinished, check. Star block. What?... Read more »

Double Churn Dash Block Tutorial

Years ago I took a class to learn how to quilt. We made a sampler of 12 different blocks which was a great way to start. I learned a lot and some of the blocks I may have mastered a technique but I would never make them again. Not so with the Churn Dash, it... Read more »

DIY Walker Bag with Pockets Tutorial

This is a closeup of the finished bag, pockets on front, back and inside.
Last December I wrote about visiting my father in the hospital after he fell and broke his spine. He is home now and has a super cool chair sit to go up the stairs and a nifty chair which helps him up in the den. His spine is healed and he is making friends with... Read more »

DIY Modern Irish Nine Patch Tutorial Part One

Year ago I made an Irish Chain for my daughter and I love it. In fact, I pretty much lust after it. Last year I bought a bunch of Irish fabric thinking that I would recreate one for myself. I’ve been letting that fabric marinate while I think about what kind of Irish quilt I... Read more »

How to Add a Quilt Hanging Sleeve for a Quilt Show

I want to show you how to add a quilt hanging sleeve because I need to do it to my own quilt. Do you remember my Friendship Star quilt that took like way too long for me to finish? You can read the post here where I did finally complete it. In that post I... Read more »

DIY Valentine Small Quilt Tutorial

I put a different quilt on my condo door each month, sometimes two. For a couple of years, I haven’t been thrilled with my February/Valentine’s day quilt. I made it 15 years ago and it looks it. It has sparkles on the fabric and scraps from my 33 year old daughter’s first twin sized quilt.... Read more »

Wrapping gifts with Fabric

I used to adore wrapping presents but somehow the pleasure of it diminished over the years. I still enjoy using gift bags with a bit of tissue paper because you can resuse them. This year, however, I wrote a post about wrapping paper facts. After doing all the research, I was determined to wrap three... Read more »

DIY T-Shirt Pillow Tutorial

Today is a pretty special occasion here at Quilting Sewing Creating. Want to know why? I knew you would! Today is the first time I have had a guest blogger and it tickles me that someone wanted to do a guest post on my blog. Not only that, it’s a really cool project. I will... Read more »

DIY Fabric Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Here is one of the bags I've made, I put little wine bottles in them. If you want to spring for large bottles of wine, just make the bag bigger.
Have you ever gone to a wedding and gotten a little organza bag full of Jordan almonds (why are they called that?) or possibly rice to throw. I think they are used as well for little gift bags or favors. If you’re like me you may have saved your little bag and thought about how... Read more »
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