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DIY Super Hero Cape tutorial

My husband loves Zara with all his heart but has watched Lion King approximately 27,173 times. He was flipping through HBO to see if there was a different children’s movie when Superman Returns came on. Z was transfixed when she saw the flying scene. After she watched it several times, I had to get involved... Read more »

Heart Quilt tutorial part two

I am making a heart quilt for my new grandson who was born a few days ago, YAY! I realize the quilt isn’t done yet but he doesn’t seem to mind. If you are making the quilt along with me, this is the second part. If you would like to speed ahead on your own,... Read more »

Basket weave quilt is finished

Don’t you just love the occasional easy quilt? I do too! I wrote about this rail fence quilt last week which you can read here if you missed it. The blocks are rail fence and I put them together in a basket weave pattern. I am thrilled to say that this Basket Weave quilt is... Read more »

Sewing a heart quilt - part one

This will be a multiple post tutorial for sewing your very own heart quilt. I have been making these quilts for decades so the pattern is fairly old school. I could maybe figure out a more clever and streamlined way to cut and make these hearts if I had a day with no one even... Read more »

DIY Pillowcase for a small pillow Tutorial

It’s August which means there are big events happening this month in my family. I have a new grandson who will be born this month. And he needs quilts! But I had some other sewing to do first so his quilt has gotten pushed back. His sister changed from her crib to a toddler bed... Read more »

Fast and Easy Rail fence Elmo quilt

What do you do when you giddily bought lots of yards of Elmo fabric earlier? Who am I talking about? Well, that would be me. I bought yards and yards of it because I could, I guess. And now I have that fabric which I don’t want to hang onto for a long time. I... Read more »

How to sew a zipper to make a bag tutorial

You can pick up a zipper in almost any color you like. I am a zipper nut so I keep them on hand. They should be bigger than your project. This is a small bag project. I cut the fabric to the size I wanted, two different pieces. I sewed them together, first.  It's clever if you make the stitches bigger in the middle but no big deal if you don't.
I follow a bunch of different quilters on FB and Instagram and I am always surprised how many comments I read about zippers. Quilters are intimidated by zippers! They therefore avoid certain projects that involve putting in a zipper. I understand that if you didn’t come to quilting via clothing construction. Yay for Jr. High... Read more »

Quilt as you go bag is finished!

I was so excited to finish sewing this last night. I just wanted to run around shouting the Quilt as you go bag is finished! And indeed it is. I think I could have made a quilt as fast but now my yoga blocks and blanket will have a classy place to stay and look... Read more »

Quilt as you go Bag part two

Normally making a bag is much easier than part one showed. That is because you are generally just using fabric and maybe adding a pocket or six. However, if you put a lot of time into creating something unique and quilted that makes a cool bag. Now that I have this cool quilted front I... Read more »

Quilt as you go Bag part one

I was lucky enough to attend the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival and while I was there, I had some great classes. I even wrote about them! Sometimes I am bad about starting a project in a class and then not finishing it right away when I get home. And by sometimes, I mean most... Read more »
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