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Green all over Table Runner is complete - Happy St. Patrick's day to me!

A finish is always good even if it’s a bit later than you had hoped. When I began this table runner, I did blog post part one thinking that part two would immediately follow. Life intervened in the way of my grandson getting sick on ending up in the hospital. I couldn’t even think about... Read more »

DIY Green all over table runner tutorial part one

In the month of March my favorite color is green. I put out my Irish table runners, place mats and dish towels. This year was no exception and again this year, I wanted something new. I decided I needed a green all over table runner without using any strictly Irish fabrics. Last month I turned... Read more »

Irish in Chicago Quilt part two

Creating, sewing and quilting this Irish in Chicago Quilt has been an overwhelming experience. I have lived with this quilt in my head, talking to me and urging me on. The quilt I had in my head was a whispery phantom, I now have the real quilt. If you missed the genesis of this project... Read more »

Irish in Chicago Quilt part one

Quilts are always floating around in my head, ones I am making, ones I want to make, some I’ve seen and they mix up with the other thoughts that roam around in there. I’ve added in Irish musings for over a month lately as I planned my St. Patrick’s day clothes, activities and sewing. I’ve... Read more »

What to wear in Chicago for St. Patrick's weekend

The Queen of the St. Patrick's day parade, Lauren Elizabeth Catinella, has her outfit all picked out. The rest of us, have to figure it out. (Photo source:Chicago Tribune)
How many of you are planning your Irish garb for the upcoming weekend? Me too! For those of us who are Irish we know that it’s not just a day, heck no, it’s a weekend here in Chicago. But what to wear? What if you are planning on doing other things this weekend? Fret no... Read more »

DIY Fun and easy Irish table runner tutorial

I love being Irish, I just love it. I am not 100% Irish, more like 75% but it’s the part I claim and celebrate. We always had fun on St. Patrick’s day growing up so I have continued that into my adult life. I have Irish china, shirts, buttons and all kinds of green linens... Read more »

March sewing with an Irish flavor

It’s always fun to change things around in your house and holidays/seasons are great themes.  If you are Irish like yours truly then the month of March is even more fun.  Whenever I see an Irish themed fabric or a great green, I pick it up.  Unfortunately a lot of the Irish themed fabric out... Read more »
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