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10 DIY Gift Ideas to Make for Babies and Toddlers

My daughter and I made fun and simple projects for Z's first bday party. You can adapt them to your preferences. <a href="">Check out the 1st bday post</a>
I have a two year old grandchild and I adore sewing for her. I have made some of these items for other babies as well, babies need lots of stuff! Then when they get older, they need new fun things that you can sew. If you love handmade gifts like I do you ought to... Read more »

Babies and life and death and love

I wrote previously about a special quilt I made to remember with love my son who died as a tiny infant. I made it to donate and actually had a bit of trouble finding a local hospital which had a program that wanted or needed this quilt. I wanted it to go someplace where it... Read more »

DIY Low Volume Baby Quilt

In May, I raised my hand to learn about low volume fabrics and quilts for a Naperville Modern Quilt Guild presentation. (I know, raising my hand is a bad habit of mine.) Our guild had that discussion last night and I brought in fabrics, some pictures and a Low Volume Baby Quilt. I am very... Read more »

Snaps are the best closure for homemade bibs

I make bibs, lots of bibs. Many other people do, I see them on Pinterest and on other blogs. I love the colors and cool ideas but when I see Velcro closings or tie strings I feel for the Mom. I started out with both of those ways to close a bib. I learned the... Read more »

Super Modern Baby quilt part two

I am so happy with this quilt! I started it on Sunday and finished it that Thursday. I’m on fire. All right I did have the large color blocks already for this quilt so that helped a bunch. Those blocks just needed to marinate a bit. If you missed the first post, here it is.... Read more »

Super Modern Baby Quilt

The Quilter’s Expo has come to Tinley Park, Il. the past two years. This year I thought my classes were on Friday but when I arrived, nope, they were on Thursday. This was plainly printed on all my tickets. etc. I was so disappointed because I had attended Debby Kratovil‘s Modern Quilt block class in... Read more »

DIY Tag blanket for baby tutorial

I keep a list of projects I want to sew next to my bed. It’s not because I will forget them because I am forgetful, it’s so I have the satisfaction of checking them off when they’re done. Fine, maybe I am a little big forgetful. What is the post about? Oh yes, sewing projects... Read more »

12 months of bibs

Bibs for December can be almost any festive print. An easy way to make them fun is to just cut across, sew in a strip and trim to the original shape. As Z didn't have a milestone bib for December I thought I would just start with fun Christmas bibs.
I don’t know if you have heard me mention it but I have a baby granddaughter? Oh, you’ve read one or 57 references to her? Fine, I am guilty as charged, I do love her and write about her. I also make her bibs. I’ve been making her one each month to mark her new... Read more »

Sewing a little girl's Christmas dress

I loved writing the title of this post, Sewing a little girl’s Christmas dress. It makes me smile and a total feeling of pleasure. I love little girls, I was one and I raised two. I got to sew clothes for them but it seemed like I was so darn product oriented then as my... Read more »

DIY 1st birthday sewing

What is more fun than a baby turning one year old? Sewing for it! If you have a baby in your life who is turning one year old then there are lots of clever ways you can carry out the bday theme in colorful items that you make yourself. I loved sewing for baby Z’s... Read more »
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