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Regretting a Round Robin Rip Off

For decades, I was a solitary sewist and quilter. I bought fabric for a couple of projects in the summer and would make one quilt top every six months or so. I would watch TV and hand quilt those tops and I sometimes finished two quilts a year. I also sewed gifts, read one quilt... Read more »

Finished my first and last Round Robin

I bet you had forgotten that I was involved in a Round Robin as my last post about it was in February. I finally received another box in July, it was supposed to be to me by January 15. Yikes! We are allotted  2 months for each stage so I took about 6 weeks. Today... Read more »

Round Robin Continues

Good news, I got another box for the next stage of my participation in the Round Robin. Are you thinking, what Round Robin? Yep, I am in a Quilting Round Robin, it just got derailed a bit but now we are humming along again. If you need a little recap you can check out the... Read more »

Round Robin Stage Two

Do you not adore these coasters? Me too! It was a gift from the quilter who made the original center block. I LOVE them. And secretly, I want to make a set myself some day.
I know we are not supposed to show the whole finished stage of the Round Robin in our blogs but I just couldn’t resist. I decided if I put a spoiler alert and made it a gallery the original quilter won’t have the surprise ruined. Here we go with the spoiler alert! This gallery shows... Read more »

First part of Round Robin is done

I mailed off my Round Robin box last week,  a whole week before it has to be at its next stop. Hip hip hooray for me! I know I had previously posted that the first round was done but I was wrong. But now for sure, the First part of Round Robin is done. How did... Read more »

First round of Round Robin is Done

I am no longer a Round Robin newbie, nope, I am now a veteran.  Well, that might be too strong a word. Hmmm, maybe I can merely boast that the first round of round robin is done! I am very happy that not only did I undertake this new challenge but that I completed the... Read more »

Quilt Round Robin and other Firsts

I have previously confessed to an overuse of social media and among these pleasures is Twitter. My quilter pals on Twitter are full of good ideas, blogs, podcasts and support. I was even lucky enough to meet one when her guild put on a fabulous show. As a result when a Quilt Round Robin was... Read more »