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Gyleen X. Fitzgerald is a quilter you should know

Have you ever really thought about what will happen to your unfinished quilts? I know it’s kind of an odd question but obviously it happens. We have all seen quilt tops and quilt blocks for sale in Antique shops or perhaps in our family’s possession. I am lucky enough to have met a woman who... Read more »

Books about Quilts and the Underground Railroad

The quilting world is a pretty cool place with room enough for lots of talents, ideas and creativity. People write blogs, posts videos and write books. There are books about every sort of quilting and sewing that you can imagine. Among them are books about quilts and the Underground Railroad.  In this chill place that... Read more »

Review of Stitched from the Soul - 3rd book in Black History Month Series

I am a big reader and a lover of all things quilts. Plus, there is nothing that lights up my brain more than something new to learn. I have been pursuing slave quilts and sewing ever since I finished the book The Invention of Wings. Did you catch that post? It is what eventually led... Read more »

Stitching Stars a Story Quilt book for Black History Month

Last week I wrote a post about how much I loved The Invention of Wings. The story was interwoven with the process of not only sewing but creating a story quilt crept into my head and set up housekeeping. I felt like I had made that story quilt along with Handful’s mom. I had to... Read more »

Quilters should read The Invention of Wings during Black History Month

I recently had a wonderful experience reading The Quilts of Gee’s Bend. I wrote enthusiastically about it in this blog post. Not only did the book teach me a huge amount about wonderful quilts, it also sparked creativity in my own head. In addition, I got a terrific idea for posts for this month. I... Read more »

Civil War Quilters of Illinois exhibit worth a visit to Lockport, IL

This past week we had gorgeous weather in Chicago. I know, it surprised me too! To take advantage of it I met my buddy Shannan, a fellow ChicagoNow blogger of the always useful Tween Us for lunch. Shannan let me pick, trusting friend that she is. I picked Lockport, Illinois for our lunch. It’s an... Read more »

Visit to Quilter's Hall Of Fame in Marion, Indiana

The parking and entrance are in the back but the front is very charming. The area surrounding this lovely restored home is quite shabby so it gives you a good idea of all the work they did.  Marie Webster lived and quilted here but not until she was 50 years old. She also designed and sold patterns and kits.
I decided I wanted to visit the Quilter’s Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana so that is exactly what we did. Last summer we had visited quilt stores in Indianapolis and Amish country twice so I am a fan of what is going on in the Quilt world in Indiana. I wish that we had... Read more »

Quilt which shows too many US women are dying in childbirth

When I first entered Mother Me, the quilts jumped out at me.
Mother’s day weekend is a joyous yet complicated time. Husbands, daughters and sons honor their mothers and it’s beautiful to behold. Other people hurt as they are missing children who died, their own mother or their children that never were. And in other homes, babies and young children miss their mothers who died in childbirth.... Read more »

Quilts and the Underground Railroad in celebration of Black History month

Quilts have been in America since the beginning only most disappeared with use. Many of them were made of fabric that had already been used as clothing.  Once that quilt wore out, it was sometimes then used as the batting for a new quilt. Starting with the fact that fabric is very fragile to begin... Read more »

Folk Art Exhibit at MAM - an artistic escape from the Cold

I love it when there's a big introductory mural to get you in the mood for the exhibit.
My husband and I love road trips and whenever we visit a new place, we adore checking out new museums. Hence when I received an email inviting me to visit the Uncommon Folk, Traditions of American Art exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum, I was extremely receptive. Chance to see an exhibit with quilts in... Read more »