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Road trip to see the Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at MSU

Have you ever read the book If you Give a Mouse a Cookie? To me it’s a tale of how once you start giving someone something it will lead to more and more! My version would be called If you Give a Quilter a Book! Once I received my latest quilt book for my birthday... Read more »

I enjoyed the International Quilt Festival Chicago 2017 until I lost my camera

This weekend I enjoyed the International Quilt Festival Chicago 2017 until I lost my camera. A day of fun and then a bummer. Let’s focus first on the positive, the show itself is always well done and this year was no exception. I was very fortunate that my daughter and granddaughter accompanied me which made... Read more »

Quilt Alliance Quilts from Quilt Expo 2016

Yes, I am writing again about this show but this time a different part of it. I enjoy looking back at pictures of quilts I have taken, it’s very relaxing and inspires my own creativity. I didn’t make a gallery, I just wanted you to have a similar experience I had. Take a look at... Read more »

Art Quilt response to Marie Webster is the perfect companion exhibit

The entry of the exhibit was muted, peaceful and set the tone for the art work inside.
About a week ago, I posted a gallery of Marie Webster’s quilts on display in Indianapolis. I enjoyed the exhibit immensely and this pleasure was intensified in a gallery on the ground floor which I also toured. I felt the Art Quilt response to Marie Webster is the perfect companion exhibit. Look through these art... Read more »

Marie Webster Exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art is spectacular

I love when a show is full of beautiful and useful signage. This one had it in spades.
Yesterday I talked about our first glorious day visiting Indianapolis. Did you lust after my fabric? I know! It’s fabulous. I just got done washing, drying and folding it all so I have really been able to savor it all. Now how about 3 posts on the second day, you ready? On Sunday we wanted... Read more »

Winner Circle Quilts from Shipshewana 2016

Behind the cars, this is the sign that will let you know you are at the right place.
Nearly every quilt show has certain quilts which win prizes and are displayed in a special place. The Shipshewana show is similar in this regard. There are two huge rooms at the event center. The bigger of the two is the actual quilt show. Next door is the Hudson Car Museum which has quilts on... Read more »

Favorite quilts from the Shipshewana Quilt Festival 2016

I love house quilts and Jill Isakson's "Daddy was an Architect" spoke to me. Love the colors and her homage to her father.
I love going to quilt shows and drinking in all the quilts. The creativity inspires me and the workmanship astounds me. All the love in those fabrics and thread, all the work, it really is a pleasure to view. I also love sharing the quilts in my blog but the editing of all the pictures... Read more »

Guess the age of the Quilt decorated Hudson car

Here I am standing by my favorite car. I am a 1953 model! Keep going for the car quiz.
My husband loves cars and I love quilts. He is super about bringing me to quilt shows around the country but rarely comes in. The show which gets him out of the car and in line for a ticket is the Shipshewana Quilt Festival held each June. Why? (good question) Because event center includes the... Read more »

Yeiser Art Museum exhibit of Art Quilts in Quilt Week Paducah 2016

I was very intrigued when I saw the Yeiser museum in this historic building. It was a bustling part of town.
My ticket for Quilt Week included the quilts, the rotary club exhibit, the National Quilt museum and admission to the Yeiser Art Museum exhibit of Fantastic Fibers. I have never made an art quilt and fumble a bit with what is an art quilt. In the future I want to do a post on art... Read more »

Wow! Riverwalk Quilters Guild Show 2016 was terrific

This was the first quilt that said, oh take my picture! I really liked Peleton by Valli Schiller.
I went to a fabulous quilt show and didn’t even tell anyone about it. In between my youngest daughter visiting and my father’s service, I was able to fun up to Naperville and I am so glad I did. The Riverwalk Quilters Guild Show 2016 was terrific. And quilts are always fun to look at,... Read more »
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