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Babies and life and death and love

I wrote previously about a special quilt I made to remember with love my son who died as a tiny infant. I made it to donate and actually had a bit of trouble finding a local hospital which had a program that wanted or needed this quilt. I wanted it to go someplace where it... Read more »

Maya Angelou and Quilters

Maya Angelou died on Wednesday, May 28 at the age of 86. She was truly a national treasure known for her books, poems, teaching and politics. Maya Angelou and quilters share a bond as well because she also was an actress and performed  in the movie How to Make an American Quilt. Because of this... Read more »

Moms Demand Action Quilting Bee at St. Sabina Church in Chicago

There were volunteers to help with the sewing. Besides Wayne the main sewing helpers were  Alice Hutchinson, Kate Klein, Lana Geselbracht, Celine Woznica, Sami Flanagan, Amy Settich, and Deanna Pacelli. Great job by one and all.
Quilts are many things in life and sometimes they are a call to action. Such is the case with the recent Moms Demand Action Quilting Bee at St. Sabina Church in Chicago. I did not attend the bee but I received a lovely email from Wayne Rhodes asking me if I would write a post... Read more »

Quilt which shows too many US women are dying in childbirth

When I first entered Mother Me, the quilts jumped out at me.
Mother’s day weekend is a joyous yet complicated time. Husbands, daughters and sons honor their mothers and it’s beautiful to behold. Other people hurt as they are missing children who died, their own mother or their children that never were. And in other homes, babies and young children miss their mothers who died in childbirth.... Read more »

Learn to quilt and keep your brain sharp

NPR published an article that 4 different people sent to me in different ways. The article’s point was that you should learn to quilt and keep your brain sharp. I am really hoping that multiple people forwarded this to me because when they see the word “quilt” they think of me. There is the possibility... Read more »

The Homicide Quilt at the Beauty and Brawn Gallery in Chicago

I think this power of this quilt is to view it first in its entirety. Let the neighborhoods and the names make an impression on you. Then examine the individual names and think about the people who stitched those names and the humanity behind them.
Quilts are part of what life is all about. They provide an outlet for artistic expression, beautify homes, keep families warm and are an emotional comfort as well. The Homicide quilt at the Beauty and Brawn Gallery is providing a multi layered experience for the city beyond that of most quilts. Thanks to Rex Huppke... Read more »

12 fun facts about Quilting

Quilting is my hobby and passion, something I share with woman all over the world. We buy fabric, make quilts and keep our loved ones warm and happy. We love the process and the product but maybe it’s time for this quilter to do a bit of research on her passion. I’ve been poking around... Read more »

What to do on National Quilting day

Saturday March 15 is National Quilting day. You may be wondering what to do on National Quilting day, I know I am. I have the what to wear problem solved, now there’s just the activity left to plan. I’ve divided my choices into several categories. Less effort required ideas Eat foods that begin with Q.... Read more »

Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts is Modern Quilt heaven until April 6th

This is the outside of the museum, housed in a barn from the 1850's. The outside doesn't prepare you for the majesty inside.
The minute I heard about this place I was itching to go.  As soon as I got the invitation to visit the Folk Art Exhibit at MAM, I knew this would be the perfect extension of the day. And it was, it was Modern Quilt heaven up here. Even my husband loved visiting this museum,... Read more »

Olympic Patchwork quilt is a Sochi Success

I adore the official quilt and can't read enough about it. If you want to read more, the official site is linked and the next 8 pictures are all courtesy of this site. <a href="">Official site</a>
The Olympic Games in Sochi have been in the news, on Twitter and on Facebook. Most of the news I have read or seen has been overwhelmingly negative, derisive or mocking. I have agreed with some of the criticism, think others are just piling on as we seem to like to do. In the midst... Read more »
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