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Don't panic when you run out of fabric for a quilt you're sewing

King sized quilts use up a lot of fabric. I know, I know, in other news, water is wet. Who doesn’t know that a king sized quilt will use up a ton of fabric. Apparently, I did not. On Saturday I had a moment of panic. I was about to run out of fabric for a... Read more »

I finally started my Modern Courthouse Steps king size quilt

Have you ever had a project that sortof just looms over you? You know you have to do it and you will. You just need to buy a few more fabrics. And oh yes, there’s that other small quilt or gift you need to make. Before you know it, a couple of years can pass... Read more »

Better way to snag a thread under a quilted top

I am quilting the second of three Cubs quilts and the repetition must have made me lax at clipping, removing threads. Or maybe the fabrics I am using are unusually thready but recently I looked down and there were threads everywhere! Yikes, what to do? Luckily I had written a blog post about this before.... Read more »

What to do with leftover Plus blocks

I have a pretty cool problem right now up in my sewing room. I am wondering what to do with leftover plus blocks. Cub plus blocks to be precise. I may have overdone it while working on the Cubs quilt. I looked at all of those leftover blocks and divided them into two piles. Each... Read more »

Cubs Quilt Top is finished

I was on a sewing tear tonight. I had been inefficient in the afternoon and resolved to get going! After dinner I went up to the sewing loft and just kept sewing and sewing. My husband was watching a program that I liked listening to so I just kept going until a bit after midnight.... Read more »

Designing and Sewing a Cubs quilt top - part 2

Designing and sewing a Cubs quilt top makes me happy every single day. I spend more time on this quilt top than I have on any quilt project in a year. I can’t wait to get up the stairs and try to figure out where I want to put blocks. I am also juggling size... Read more »

Step 1 of designing a Cubs quilt

I don’t know if you heard but the Cubs won the World Series in November of 2016. My husband is a huge fan and had been waiting for this moment all his life. I started collecting fabric during the season but didn’t even wash it until after the last out. Now I am free to... Read more »

How to complete a top for a Christmas quilt

A few weeks ago I published a post on how to start a Christmas quilt. In my head I would then zip through it, publish a top post and then the whole quilt post. I was thinking a week, tops. Or 5 weeks, yikes! But here I am finally with a how to complete a top... Read more »

How to start a Christmas Quilt

I’ve decided that two projects going on at the same time is the way to go. If it works out, I may even add in a third one. I can only make so many tooth fairy pillows at a time. I decided to make a Christmas quilt for Henry and make it up as I... Read more »

Will buying their fabric jinx the Cubs winning the World Series?

Chicago has two baseball teams and the one I prefer has not won a World Series since 1908. My parents were not big baseball fans so games were not a tradition for me. Once I started teaching at Rich East HS, I had a French club and to encourage membership we took all kinds of... Read more »