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Block Challenge Quilt is a modern baby quilt

I love babies and I love quilts so when I can combine the two, I am all over it! As you know, I have been working on a block challenge for a few months now. I finished the top a couple of weeks ago and the whole quilt a few days ago. I take great... Read more »

Peacock Heart Quilt is Finished

Oh happy day, the Peacock Heart quilt is finished. I stayed up late one night and did the last of the quilting, made the binding and sewed it all on. It was great to finish the top, but even better to have the entire quilt ready to give to Henry. When I finished the top,... Read more »

Basket weave quilt is finished

Don’t you just love the occasional easy quilt? I do too! I wrote about this rail fence quilt last week which you can read here if you missed it. The blocks are rail fence and I put them together in a basket weave pattern. I am thrilled to say that this Basket Weave quilt is... Read more »

No Dragons on my Quilt is finished

I am just thrilled to report that the No Dragons on my Quilt is finished. It’s quilted, it’s trimmed, it’s bound and it’s ready for Zara. It’s such a joyful feeling to have finished something. Let’s examine how I finally got here. When I last wrote about this cutie quilt, I had finished the top.... Read more »

Modern Green Nine Patch Irish Quilt is Finished!

I had such a wonderfully relaxing day today and part of the glory was that I finally got the binding on my quilt. Which quilt you ask? I forgive you for asking, it’s been two months since I started after all. My modern green nine patch Irish quilt is finished. If you need an update,... Read more »

DIY Valentine Small Quilt Tutorial

I put a different quilt on my condo door each month, sometimes two. For a couple of years, I haven’t been thrilled with my February/Valentine’s day quilt. I made it 15 years ago and it looks it. It has sparkles on the fabric and scraps from my 33 year old daughter’s first twin sized quilt.... Read more »

Friendship Star quilt is All Done

When you read the title, “Friendship Star Quilt is All Done” did you think to yourself, it’s about time lady? Because I did! The last time I posted about this quilt, I had just finished the top. And now, the whole quilt is finished. Hip hip hooray because I love a finished quilt. I loaded... Read more »

One of my quilting heroines, Jean Ray Laury

My nephew is living on his own now and a college graduate but back when he was just a baby, I made him the quilt from Jean Ray Laury’s iconic book, No Dragons on my Quilt. He loved it and still has it hidden somewhere. When the idea that I might be a grandma came... Read more »

Repairing a Real Quilt

My daughter has a quilt, a flannel one that I gave her on her 21st birthday in April of 2002. I made it knowing that it would be in a college apartment for two years and maybe not survive past that. I didn’t quilt it, I tied it and lo and behold, it is still... Read more »

Babies and life and death and love

I wrote previously about a special quilt I made to remember with love my son who died as a tiny infant. I made it to donate and actually had a bit of trouble finding a local hospital which had a program that wanted or needed this quilt. I wanted it to go someplace where it... Read more »
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