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Quick and easy DIY Table runner from pre cuts

I live in a condo building of four units and I am good buds with two women who live in two other units. They are both single gals who do a lot for our building. We bring in each other’s garbage cans or newspapers plus pull together for meetings or repairs. We don’t hang out... Read more »

Child Proofing a Spiral Staircase

My sewing studio is a loft above our great room, 400 square feet of gloriousness all for me. The ceiling does follow the roof line so upon occasion I have smacked my head at the ends. I have arranged the furniture so this doesn’t happen very often but I really have never thought about the... Read more »

12 ways to decorate with quilts

A quilt on a bed, what an idea! I also have one on the wall and two on the bedframe. And yes, I did look for other ways to have more quilts in our bedroom.
Yep, I decorate with quilts! Quilts are made to be used and enjoyed and not just on a bed. I mean how many beds do you even have in your place?  Or some of your quilts might not even fit your bed. I don’t think quilts should be folded up and stored in a closet. ... Read more »

DIY Round Chevron Table Topper

We just finished a major redecorating project which we started shortly before the youngest child left for college.  She graduated two years ago so you can tell this was a long project and there are still a few little details we haven’t taken care of.  When we had younger kids in the house, we had... Read more »

April kitchen sewing inspiration

April is an odd month here in the Chicago area, particularly this year.  Easter is but a distant memory and Mother’s day not that close, plus the weather is basically awful.  We do have moments, an hour here or there of sunshine which rescues us from sticking our heads in the oven.  April kitchen sewing... Read more »

Green quilts and March go together

I love green in general but even more in March.  Not all of my green quilts are Irish but they are all still my favorites.  Yesterday I wrote about how if you fold up a quilt and keep it away, it’s still perfect in twenty years but quilts are made to be loved and used. ... Read more »

March sewing with an Irish flavor

It’s always fun to change things around in your house and holidays/seasons are great themes.  If you are Irish like yours truly then the month of March is even more fun.  Whenever I see an Irish themed fabric or a great green, I pick it up.  Unfortunately a lot of the Irish themed fabric out... Read more »

State of Wonder dragonfly apron, table runner and napkins completed

I love reading and I love sewing and having book clubs makes them come together for me.  I think many activities we enjoy are best when paired with another favorite, be it a pal to do it with, another language to hear about it in or a snack to crunch along with the fun. Combinations... Read more »

Black and White Bow Tie quilt for the child who announces she doesn't want a quilt

When my oldest entered Jr. High she announced that she wanted to upgrade her room.  I agreed, she had had the same yellow and blue house quilt theme since kindergarten.  What were her ideas?  First she stated she wanted a black and white room.  I was less than thrilled as back then, it seemed like... Read more »

Birthday table runners

Now that my kids are no longer having slumber parties at my house, I love birthdays again!  Growing up, I had two birthday parties but this was of course in the dark ages, the 1950′s.  My girls had a party every single year.  And when they were a certain age, they  would be so excited... Read more »
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