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I faced my paper piecing fear

I did it, I faced my paper piecing fear. Let me explain. I have done some paper piecing before and I hated it. I vowed never to try it again.  But you know what they say, never say never! My guild had a demo by an extremely talented quilter who has a slightly different approach... Read more »

2018 goals in writing and sewing

My 2018 goals in writing and sewing are dynamic. I have some ideas that might change as I go through the year. Here they are right now: 1. Blog – Write a post 3 or 4 times a month. I love keeping in touch with all of you! And I love posting about my sewing. 2.... Read more »

Results are in for my 2017 goals

In January of 2017, I set 12 goals for myself. I am a bit nervous to see how I did. 1. iPod – I have been bound and determined to conquer this for years and in January I did strip it down and reload music. Then I got Alexa for my office and one I... Read more »

Cubs Quilt Top is finished

I was on a sewing tear tonight. I had been inefficient in the afternoon and resolved to get going! After dinner I went up to the sewing loft and just kept sewing and sewing. My husband was watching a program that I liked listening to so I just kept going until a bit after midnight.... Read more »

12 Sewing and quilting goals for 2017

First goal is to conquer iTunes and the iPod. I have waited too long. I have already started on this! I hear music in my future.
I can get all dreamy eyed and fritter away time without even realizing it. I don’t like the feeling of not accomplishing anything, I want to take at least a baby step every day. Unless it’s a holiday, I’m sick or away on a trip, I like to be moving towards a goal. And yes,... Read more »

My 12 sewing resolutions for 2016 results - how did I do?

Last year I had 12 goals portrayed in my sewing room. I even described them all in a photo gallery. Time to come clean and see the sewing resolutions for 2016 results, how did I do? 1. My first goal was to do something with the Alaskan fabric I had been sitting on. I resolved... Read more »

12 goals for 2016 in my Sewing room

Looking at the groups of fabric in my sewing room you are seeing the next projects I want to accomplish. Hope to accomplish might be better. To get all this done, I need to really keep my focus. Oh boy, we might be in trouble.
A new year begins and there is always the thought that we can begin again. I don’t really have resolutions, I have goals. Last year I wanted to keep up with yoga and by golly, I did it. I was thinking if I declared certain goals, I would reach all of them as well. This... Read more »