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15 Ways that Make our Marriage Great

April 15, 2000 was a wonderful day because I married the love of my life. We have had 15 wonderful years of marriage and today is our golden anniversary, yes? 15 years on the 15th? I know a golden anniversary is actually 50 years but I am calling it today! Both of us had been... Read more »

8 reasons to have a Big Fabric Stash

Many of us who quilt like to buy fabric. That is pretty understated, yes? Let’s try again and I’ll be more honest. Many of us who quilt adore fabric like crazy fools and buy fabric like drunken sailors whenever possible. Little closer to the truth or are you in-between? I am a certified fabric fool... Read more »

50 thoughts after visiting all 50 States

I had driven through Wyoming but finally got to stay awhile when we drove from Yellowstone to Idaho. Jackson was a pretty swanky town and we got turned down for a table at a restaurant. It made me laugh and realize the Wild West no longer existed.
I grew up in a family that took some fun and educational car trips for vacations. We would drive to my parents home town in Alton, Il and to the dunes in Michigan and Indiana. When we kids were older our family traveled several times to the East coast and Florida. After college I continued... Read more »

Thursday night sitting in a Police Car

I had a new experience last week. Yep, I spent Thursday night sitting in a police car.  Don’t be alarmed, I am just fine and I do not have a police record. In fact, it all started with going to my Modern Quilters Guild. You knew this is how it would begin, yes? Don’t most... Read more »

QuiltCon 2015 Here I Come!

I am pretty darn excited because today I am going to QuiltCon. I get to fly in a plane and I paid extra for additional leg room. I am staying in a nice hotel room and I hope to meet up with some interesting people at the show. I have never gone before but I... Read more »

I hate Shopping at Malls

I used to LOVE to shop. I even closed a few malls, not bars, not clubs but malls. I loved walking around, seeing stuff, buying things that I shouldn’t and most of all a bargain. I shopped with girlfriends, my Mom, my sister and my children. I am not sure when it all changed but... Read more »

How to Embarrass your Teenager Old School

My father is recuperating and adjusting to a new normal since he was discharged from the hospital. Z girl and I went to visit and we ended up going through old photos. I found photographic proof of the most embarrassing day in my teen years. I was laughing so much no one could understand the... Read more »

Sharing Abundance Makes You Feel Good about Yourself

My older daughter works in a high school with an extremely high poverty level and very needy students. She loves her job and teaches Special Ed and Business and cares for her students day and night. She teaches an Honors Accounting class where she has the brightest in the school with real potential for a... Read more »

How Grandma Helps in Potty Training or Sewing doesn't always help

It you have a dog or a baby in the house sooner or later you are going to have to do some potty training. In my past lives, I have done both and the dogs were easier. When I became a Grandma I was head over heels in love and volunteered to watch Z for... Read more »

7 Reasons why Snow Days are Terrific

I loved snow days as a student although they were a very rare treat then. As a teacher, I maintained that joy when a  free day would fall from the sky. I never worried that it was a day we would have to make up in the summer. Maybe we wouldn’t have to, one year... Read more »
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