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A quilter's funeral

I am 63 years old and happy and healthy. I am pretty sure I will live 50 or 60 more years, at least! However, I think it’s good to let your family know what your ideas are about your funeral, a quilter’s funeral. What brought this up? I will show you a post that sparked... Read more »

I remember when I learned how to sew

Some events and memories stay with you.  I still have the fondest feelings and memories of when I learned how to sew. My Mother did not know how to sew so she really wanted her daughters to learn how. When I did, it was like the moon, the sun and the stars revolved around me.... Read more »

Flying debris from a truck struck my car - Yikes!

I drove to my quilt guild today on 355. I am quite an excellent passenger but more of a reluctant driver. I always worry I will get tired so I slept late this morning and brought a huge iced coffee with me. No worries, right? Wrong! Flying debris from a truck struck my car and... Read more »

The final goodbye to a parent is hard work

This past weekend we had my Father’s memorial service and interned his ashes on top of my Mother’s grave. My daughter Shelby flew for 21 hours to be there to say her final goodbye to her beloved Papa. Many of my friends called, texted, sent a card and or came to the service. All of... Read more »

My father enjoyed 94 years of a life well lived

About 18 months ago I wrote a post about visiting my father in the hospital after he fell and fractured his spine. Since that happened I have been dreading/expecting my dad to die. It was a stressful time of constantly shifting new levels of what my father could and could not do. As his world... Read more »

The joy of attending the International Quilt Festival 2016 with a child

I attended the International Quilt Festival 2016 in Chicago this past weekend. I had an absolutely wonderful time. I go to as many quilt shows as I can but this one was very special because my Daughter, Emily, and my granddaughter, Zara, came with me. I am still smiling about the time we had. Driving... Read more »

Pride of the Prairie 2016 Quilt show was fun for my whole family

Zara was immediately enthused by the balloons. Wait honey, there's even better things inside!
Local quilt shows are everything that I love about the quilting community. There are so many hard working volunteers giving their all to make the show a success. You can see wonderful quilts from local quilters, chat with friends and pick up treats at the bake sale. On Saturday the Pride of the Prairie 2016... Read more »

Let's talk about women's underwear fabrics

I love talking about fabrics, all kinds of fabrics so today, let’s talk about women’s underwear fabrics. No, I am not kidding, I think it’s fascinating. I found a fabulous website when I was poking around online. This article has every single bit of information you would ever want about women’s undergarments. Again, I am... Read more »

My quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival

Some days are better than others. Today was an “other” which began with an email entitled “ Decline for Modern Quilts exhibit” and it didn’t ring a bell. I opened it and found out that my quilt was rejected from the International Quilt Festival. Bummer. I have to admit, it felt lousy to read that email.... Read more »

The worst punishment I ever received

Growing up in the 1950′s was a different experience than growing up now or when I was raising my girls. We had more freedom to roam our town on foot or on bicycles. My mom did not work, my father was the sole bread winner. On my block most of the families were similar. Our... Read more »
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