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Quilt Shops on the coast of Maine

The minute we crossed into Maine we visited the Tourist Center where I found this terrific brochure. I showed it to a woman at our hotel and she added one to the list. What fun awaited me!
When I travel I like to try new foods, talk with people, learn about history and go to as many quilt shops as possible. This trip to Maine was no exception and since we drove, the sky was the limit! I visited a total of five stores and naturally, I bought something at each shop.... Read more »

My latest quilt heroine - Jenny Doan and Hamilton, MO

Have you ever met someone who just instantly makes you glad to be alive? Happy to be in the same room with them? That is what happened to me when I attended a lecture and trunk show featuring Jenny Doan at the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. It was just about instant love. I admired... Read more »

Trip to Iowa and adjusted expectations

We had a trip to Iowa planned around seeing the Australian children’s group, The Wiggles. My granddaughter Zara was a big fan although lately Elmo has been catching her eye. She’s 22 months, she’s allowed to change her interests. We were pretty excited and I even made her a costume to look like Emma of... Read more »

Alaskan Quilt Stores in Sitka and Juneau

My husband and I just got come from a vacation in Alaska. We saw whales, bears, eagles, sea lions and otters. We learned about the Tlingit and went on hikes and boat rides. Plus we did some serious fabric shopping in two Alaskan quilt store in Sitka and Juneau. You would love these shops, I... Read more »

Quilt shops in the Fox Valley

I love shopping for fabric, I don’t even care if I don’t know what I will make with it. There is nothing else that gives me quite the rush that selecting new fabrics does. I decided that to help me recharge my creative battery I would seek out brand new quilt shops in the Fox... Read more »

Quilt stores even smell good

I love quilt stores and fabric. Love everything about them. I even love the way quilt stores smell. Yes, you read that right. I love the way quilt stores smell. Why? Because quilt stores even smell good. There is a  quilt store right up the street from me. Let me repeat that. Right. Up. The.... Read more »

Portland's Japanese Gardens and fabrics

Bolt is such a cute, cozy neighborhood store. It is near a fabulous French restaurant where we had breakfast and the best ice cream store I have ever visited. You will love your visit here.
Visiting Portland was such a mix of experiences. We were able to see our daughter which was wonderful on a personal level. We went with her to the home of friends I have known since High School so there were wonderful family/friends time here. We also were able to see gorgeous nature which I showed... Read more »

Quilt stores on the Oregon Coast

I was sleeping in the car when I felt something. My eyes popped open and I shouted STOP the car, QUILT SHOP!
We had such a great time on our trip to Oregon that I just keep writing about it. This is post number three and each one is my favorite to write as I can remember all the great quilt stores and fabulous scenery.  This time I am showing photos from Quilt stores on the Oregon... Read more »

Portland Quilt Stores rock

We got to have fun in Portland and the surrounding area over a very long weekend. To me, I was in the promised land for Modern Quilting so I had to visit quilt stores, yes?
Another Portland post, another quilt store, yay! I love blogging about quilt stores, it is a way to thank the owners who give so much to our quilting world and I get to throw in a few of my travel pics, win/win! Are you ready for Portland Quilt stores part two?  What, you didn’t read... Read more »

Quilt Stores in Portland and more, part one

For me, Portland is the epicenter of the modern quilting movement.  My daugthter is going to grad school there. I have to visit, yes?
When I travel, one of my favorite things is to visit quilt stores. This was doubled when we went to Portland, Oregon. When I think modern quilting, I think Portland! I am going to write four posts about the quilt stores in Quilt Stores in Portland and more. This is part one! Look through the... Read more »
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