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My Pulse Quilt is completed #Quilts for Orlando

My Pulse quilt is completed and I loved every minute of making it. I really enjoyed having a basic element, the heart, that I needed to include but free rein otherwise. I kept imagining someone getting this quilt and my desire that it provide some comfort. Part of the fun challenge was doing ruler work.... Read more »

Modern Jungle Quilt is Finished

Last night I was up in my sewing room sewing the binding on the jungle quilt. Lighting was flashing, thunder was crashing and I was dashing towards quilt completion. The storm blew itself out just as I took my final stitches. I had calm skies and the thought that the modern jungle quilt is finished... Read more »

Progress on the Modern Jungle Quilt

I started a new African jungle quilt over a month ago. You’ve probably forgotten about it, yes? No? If you missed it you can read it here. We all probably thought it would be wrapping up about now. But life happened and my focus on the quilt changed. I’ve decided that I want it to... Read more »

Drunkard's Path Quilts at International Quilt Festival 2016 in Chicago

I was excited when I saw the sign!
I have mentioned various times that I love my Modern Quilters’ Guild, they are terrific human beings and very talented quilters. They inspire and challenge me. 8 quilts from our guild were accepted into the exhibit for Drunkard’s Path quilts at the International Quilt Festival 2016 in Chicago. I hope you are ready for one... Read more »

Fabulous trunk show by Weeks Ringle of The Modern Quilt Studio

I am such a night owl that getting up in the morning is not my favorite thing. I love sewing at night, writing up the blog, watching some TV and getting to bed between 1 and 2 am. As a result, I had let my traditional guild membership lapse, I was never there for the... Read more »

Modern Flannel quilt part 2

I am making good, no, I would say great progress on my What is old is New Again flannel quilt. When you have chunky strips and blocks, you can finish a whole side pretty quickly. And finish I did which allows me to post my progress or Modern Flannel quilt part 2. Here is the... Read more »

Modern look for a new flannel quilt

I used to make flannel quilts frequently. Everyone got one for an extra quilt at the end of the bed, we had them draped on chairs and sofas. I even made Christmas flannel quilts. They are very cozy and one disintegrated from too much love and use. My daughter has one that is falling apart... Read more »

Drunkards Path quilt is all finished

Finishing a quilt is a huge rush for me. When I get near the end I usually push it on through. Last night I  finished the binding even though it was well past midnight. I felt  great and slept well until I  had to get up early for Aqua Exercise. I am deliriously happy to... Read more »

Modern Baby quilt is all done on time

I love the process of making a quilt and I love a finished quilt. Sometimes the time lapse involved is months and months but this time I had a definite deadline.  I am ecstatic that the modern baby quilt is all done on time no less! I designed it with help on Wednesday, pieced it... Read more »

Block Challenge Quilt is a modern baby quilt

I love babies and I love quilts so when I can combine the two, I am all over it! As you know, I have been working on a block challenge for a few months now. I finished the top a couple of weeks ago and the whole quilt a few days ago. I take great... Read more »
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