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Green all over Table Runner is complete - Happy St. Patrick's day to me!

A finish is always good even if it’s a bit later than you had hoped. When I began this table runner, I did blog post part one thinking that part two would immediately follow. Life intervened in the way of my grandson getting sick on ending up in the hospital. I couldn’t even think about... Read more »

DIY Green all over table runner tutorial part one

In the month of March my favorite color is green. I put out my Irish table runners, place mats and dish towels. This year was no exception and again this year, I wanted something new. I decided I needed a green all over table runner without using any strictly Irish fabrics. Last month I turned... Read more »

Modern Green Nine Patch Irish Quilt is Finished!

I had such a wonderfully relaxing day today and part of the glory was that I finally got the binding on my quilt. Which quilt you ask? I forgive you for asking, it’s been two months since I started after all. My modern green nine patch Irish quilt is finished. If you need an update,... Read more »

Modern Green Nine Patch Quilt Update

Are you getting pretty excited about St. Patrick’s day 2016? Me too! I want to give you a modern green nine patch quilt update. Now don’t get too excited, it’s not finished. But it’s darn close! When I posted last time, I had just finished the back. Did you miss that post? You can check... Read more »

Modern Green Irish Nine Patch Back is finished

St. Patrick’s day has come and past. So I can now officially say that I am working on an Irish quilt for next year. Not only that but I am making progress, yay me! Yep, the modern green Irish nine patch back is finished. Hip hip hooray and I like it. Phew! To make the... Read more »

Modern Irish Nine Patch Quilt tutorial - part two

Eight days ago I started my Modern Irish Nine Patch quilt. If you missed that post you can get up to speed by reading it now! Raise your hands if you thought I would finish by St. Patrick’s day. Nope, me either. However it is March 17th and I have finished the top so I... Read more »

17 reasons why it's Great to be Irish in Chicago

March 17th is St. Patrick’s day and tis a great day to be Irish, anywhere. But this whole weekend there are numerous reasons why it’s great to be Irish in Chicago. I could fill post after post but instead in honor of St. Patrick himself I will stick to 17! 1. Irish names – My... Read more »

DIY Modern Irish Nine Patch Tutorial Part One

Year ago I made an Irish Chain for my daughter and I love it. In fact, I pretty much lust after it. Last year I bought a bunch of Irish fabric thinking that I would recreate one for myself. I’ve been letting that fabric marinate while I think about what kind of Irish quilt I... Read more »

10 Wonderful Irish Sayings for every part of the Day

You've just gotten up on St. Patrick's day and of course, The Irish have a proverb for the morning. And it's true!
It’s March! It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Here in the States we’ve got great basketball, the promise of Spring and of course, St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve got to get ourselves ready emotionally and what better way than with wonderful Irish Sayings and Proverbs. As you go through the day keep remembering... Read more »

I hate Shopping at Malls

I used to LOVE to shop. I even closed a few malls, not bars, not clubs but malls. I loved walking around, seeing stuff, buying things that I shouldn’t and most of all a bargain. I shopped with girlfriends, my Mom, my sister and my children. I am not sure when it all changed but... Read more »