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How to fulfill a Quilter's fantasies

Have you ever seen the movie Exit to Eden? It’s not a particularly notable film but there is one scene I will never forget. A man looking to please Rosie O’Donnell’s character asks, “How can I fulfill your fantasies?” without missing a beat she replies, “Paint my house.” It cracks me up every time. After... Read more »

9 lies Quilters tell

Lies are discussed often lately. I’ve seen quite a few articles lately, including this one.  It actually describes 8 different kinds of lies. I guess some lying is necessary, like answering “Fine” when someone asks you how you are and you just don’t want to get into it. People lie, they just do. What? Even quilters?... Read more »

17 Top Notch Hey Girl Quilting Memes from the Internet

As you know, I love quilting memes. I create many of them but have never made one of the Hey Girl memes. Everyone else seemed to be making them, I could just sit back and enjoy them. If I enjoy something in the quilting world you know I share it. I laugh, I want you... Read more »

An open letter of apology to the fabrics in my stash

Dear Stash Fabrics, I know, some of you have been treated badly. You deserve more, so I am writing an open letter of apology to the fabrics in my stash who have been waiting far too long for their moment in the sun. First of all let’s address the favoritism rumor. Oh you thought I... Read more »

17 offbeat ways to not quilt

We could pretend that my lateness is always because of ripping out mistakes.
I have not been sewing as much as I thought I would this summer. What is the reason? Did someone steal my sewing machine? Is my studio off limits to me? Did I break both of my arms? Uh, no. I don’t have any good reasons. In fact there isn’t one reason at all, there... Read more »

I want to hang around with Stephanie Plum

Tonight is blogapalooza, a monthly event where we get a topic and an hour to publish. Tonight’s topic is delicious: “What fictional character (or characters) would you most like to spend time with and what would you do together?” This was really too easy for me as I have thought about my book friends far... Read more »

Summer laughs with a wrap up of Quilt memes

Quilt memes are fun for me to find, read and create. I post them once on my Facebook page and then maybe on Instagram or Twitter. I like them so much I want to play with them more. Hence this post of summer laughs with a wrap up of Quilt memes. How did I choose... Read more »

Quilt ecards are good for a chuckle

Definitely not!
I like making memes and ecards for my Facebook page. Once I have made them all I like to share them again because I think that quilt ecards are good for a chuckle. I went through my photo galleries and picked my favorites from January through June of 2017. Yay! I hope you enjoy these... Read more »

What sewing would you complete if a tornado was looming?

I love reading goofy news stories on the internet, they make me laugh, gasp or yelp in surprise. One such story was the recent narrative about a man who continued to mow his lawn as a tornado was bearing down on his house. It was, after all, on his to do list. I am not... Read more »

Play list for sewing mishaps

How about when you break a needle that is basically brand new? Let's see if we can't find a song for your mood.
Have you ever made a mistake while sewing? Me too, all the time. Sometimes I have to walk away. Sometimes I just breathe and every once in a while I may say a bad word or two. I need a new response and for that reason I created a play list for sewing mishaps. Flip... Read more »
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