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Quilter Post it Notes

I love post it notes and I used them like crazy when I taught. I would put one on a stack of paper with GRADE THESE on it and I felt like I had accomplished something. As a quilter I use them but I haven’t begun to tap their potential. I was trying to imagine... Read more »

Where did the slang of my youth go? 7 phrases I miss the most.

I am not sure we ever used it seriously but it was fun to mock. Want to hear it in action? Next page!
I accept that life changes and you change as well. I have embraced grey hair. I am dealing with aches and pains. But at times, when I speak, I wonder. Where did the slang of my youth go? When I was young, I had a gas when I had fun. People went ape when they... Read more »

10 Emotional stages of making a quilt

I try to make a quilt each month. I don’t always achieve that goal but it’s what I strive for. The process of making a quilt starts with inspiration and  fabric, goes through cutting, piecing, quilting and binding. On paper that is a fairly straightforward continuum. However, I think that in addition to the physical... Read more »

Differences between Political conventions and Quilt conventions

What do you think of if I mention cavernous halls filled with noise and people from all over the country? How about if I add in rabid allegiance, hotel rooms in major cities, swag and after hour parties?  I think it’s pretty much a template for any convention but there must be ways that vary.... Read more »

6 quilt texts you should never send

We’ve all put our foot in our mouth, yes? I can cringe remembering some very embarrassing remarks I’ve made over the years. The good thing is that I said them, I didn’t write them down. Written remarks live on forever whereas memories of what you said will fade over time. For those of us who... Read more »

Quilt ecards just for fun

Design elements are the best part about quilting!
Ecards are hilarious and quilt ecards, even more so. I have made more than my fair share of them. Naturally, I am going to share them with you. Why? Why not! Here are quilt ecards just for fun. Enjoy! Sew happy! Want to see and enjoy more quilty fun? Check out my Facebook page. Like... Read more »

Time for more quilt memes

Can you believe this picture?
It’s that time again! What time, you ask? Time for more quilt memes! Hooray! I make up quilt memes and post them on my Facebook page every day. I have fun doing it but I like to show off my favorites more than once. I post some on or Instagram Twitter occasionally which I enjoy.... Read more »

Imaginary Letters Seeking Quilting and Sewing Advice, second edition

I have more advice to give to imaginary letters seeking it. This is my second foray into the advice giving biz. the first was sew darn fun I had to have another go at it. Yes, a second edition if you will of Imaginary Letters seeking quilting and sewing advice. Dear Ms. Sew ‘n Sew,... Read more »

Quilt letters that were never written - the sequel to Love and Friendship

I love reading more than I love the movies and I really love reading a book before I see the movie. I was shocked when my husband told me there was a new Jane Austen movie coming out. And I hadn’t read it! Yikes! I mean, how very vexing. (To channel Jane.) I ran to... Read more »

Learn to sew and ignore Pinterest

I actually like Pinterest and I pin my blogs, pictures, travel ideas on the site. But there are way too many goofy pins on there that are a complete waste of time, in my opinion. I think you should learn to sew and ignore Pinterest no sew pins. Why are there so many no sew... Read more »
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