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Jimmy Fallon is on the naughty list #noquiltsforfallon

I opened up my Facebook account and what is the first thing I see? A video from the Jimmy Fallon show which a friend has on my wall. Is this a video in which Mr. Fallon acknowledges the wonder of the quilting world? No, it is not. It is a video in which he disrespects... Read more »

Things only last minute quilters and sewists know

I am not naming names but some of us are last minute stitchers. We do not start our Christmas quilts in the summer when we could easily get it done, where is the sport in that? Quilt contest coming up? Why finish up early and then fret? Post your pictures last minute and then you... Read more »

7 ways to pick out a Quilter who sewed one on last night

Recently there was an ad on Facebook for a t-shirt which made me laugh.  It had a person and the phrase “I quilt past my bedtime.” I thought about buying it but I had second thought.  I realized there were many ways to tell that I was sewing until the wee hours of the morning... Read more »

12 Steps to get ready for a trip and make yourself crazy

My husband and I are leaving on a trip east tomorrow after we drop our grandchildren off. My husband is packed and calmly watching TV. I am sitting in front of my computer and not calm. He buys clothes and keeps them in his dresser until we go away. He plops the fresh, folded clothes... Read more »

Here we go, more quilt ecards

Remember last September? Here's a card from then.
I have so much fun making quilt funnies for my Facebook page that I have trouble just publishing them once. Yes, you guessed it, more quilt ecards for your enjoyment. I hope you enjoy rereading some of my favorites! Sew happy! Want to see and enjoy more quilty fun? Check out my Facebook page. Like... Read more »

Celebrities prove that Quilting and Sewing are the keys to looking and feeling great

The candy companies want you to believe that a snickers does the trick. Ha! We all know it's quilting or sewing!
Have you seen the Snickers commercials where people just aren’t themselves when they are hungry?  A clever reader of mine suggested that I spin that into a quilt meme. I loved the idea and I took it a bit further. Few people know that the true fountain of youth and beauty is found in a... Read more »

Wheel of Fortune needs more Sewing Puzzles

Everyone in my family seems to love Wheel of Fortune, even my three year old granddaughter. As a result, I see bits and pieces of it and try to solve some of the puzzles. Besides Zara, I am the worst guesser in the house. Is it because I am bad at word games? No! It’s... Read more »

Fill in the blanks Quilting advice

Today’s blog post is completely different than any other I have ever done. It’s a game for you or your guild or bee. Don’t despair, it’s fun! I chose the topic of quilting advice because we quilters are generous souls, yes? We will lend you fabric, give you thread and share our supplies. Also, on... Read more »

29 Things to do on February 29th

Monday is February 29, a date which only comes around once every four years. It’s like the Olympics or the Presidential Elections without all the commercials on TV. This is just a unique day so we should do something unique. Here are 29 things to do on February 29th to start your own creative approach.... Read more »

Gear Fit for Quilters needs to be the next Android Watch

I have an Android phone and a Gear Fit watch that is paired with it. Don’t be impressed, they set it all up for me at the Verizon store. I upgraded from one that merely kept track of my steps to one that does a whole lot more. It nags me to walk more, I... Read more »
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