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Are you a Mild or Excessive Quilt Addict Quiz

I love quilts and I love making them, everything about making them. I have quilts in my house, I travel miles to see them and learn more techniques. I buy fabrics, tools, patterns and books. I have realized that I am, quite simply, a quilt addict. I can live with that, I really can. But... Read more »

Characteristics of People from the Midwest and Chicago Area

When I travel outside of the Chicago area and the Midwest, I am struck by how I tend to recognize others who are from my neck of the woods. Certain characteristics of people from the Midwest and Chicago Area are found, obviously, in other groups of people as well. But as you group these characteristics... Read more »

What if Quilters wrote Valentine Candy Hearts

I like cards, particularly Valentine’s Day cards. I sent out a bunch to my family and a few friends. I have two to give my husband! In the mail, I have gotten some in return. My favorite so far was a funny one that said at the top “What if Women wrote candy hearts?” Below... Read more »

10 Goofy Quilter Valentines that will Make you Laugh

Too mean? It's just a joke, for real!
I saw a bunch of sarcastic and even some mean Valentines today on Facebook. People posted them as jokes and I have to tell you, they made me laugh. When I laugh I always think, wait, could I turn this into something fun to post on my blog. Short Answer? Yes! I spent some time... Read more »

What If Quilters were the Norm

I met my husband on and admitted to him that I was a Quilter. He was a bit surprised as the women on your average dating site are not Quilters, too bad for them! He asked me how I became interested in such an archaic activity. I married him anyway. Plus, over the years,... Read more »

How to Embarrass your Teenager Old School

My father is recuperating and adjusting to a new normal since he was discharged from the hospital. Z girl and I went to visit and we ended up going through old photos. I found photographic proof of the most embarrassing day in my teen years. I was laughing so much no one could understand the... Read more »

Yet Even More Quilt Memes

I love Downton Abbey and the Dowager, she's a hoot. You can see Memes with her all over the internet. Secretly, I think she likes quilting. Shhh, it would ruin her rep!
It’s Friday, let’s have some funnies. I make a different “quilt funny” every day and post it on my Facebook page. Sometimes they are e-cards and I posted a gallery of those last Friday. This Friday, you guessed it, are my memes. I started off with the same meme pictures everyone else was using a... Read more »

Balancing sewing and life or how I burned dinner

I love the sanctuary of my sewing loft. I am in my own little world up there and although it’s a loft, I can be very isolated from the rest of the world. Tonight I got home from watching Zara and I knew I had an hour to sew plus there was dinner to consider.... Read more »

Even More quilt e cards

I bet this would be fun. Ha ha!
I enjoy writing about quilts and I enjoy laughing about the whole process as well. On my Facebook page I post a “quilt funny” every day. Some are definitely funnier than others but I have a great time trying to think of new ways to smile along with my sewing and quilting. Quilters are happy... Read more »

How Grandma Helps in Potty Training or Sewing doesn't always help

It you have a dog or a baby in the house sooner or later you are going to have to do some potty training. In my past lives, I have done both and the dogs were easier. When I became a Grandma I was head over heels in love and volunteered to watch Z for... Read more »
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