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Even more Quilt Meme Favorites

I particularly like this because it's an analog clock. When I teach time in Spanish, analog clocks give the digital generation some problems.
Quilt memes are fun, they just are. I like to make them which you have noticed if you’ve liked my Facebook page. Once I’ve made them and published them there, then what? Should I just let them languish without any attention? Nope! I publish them every so often in a photo gallery right here on... Read more »

12 Phrases I never get tired of hearing

I absolutely love it when someone says or writes this to me. It's like Hip Hip Hooray, no picky criticism or advice. I know it's not perfect, it just is such a kind and accepting response.
Some phrases are music to my ears and make you want to scream in pain, I know, I get it! I wrote a post about phrases I can’t stand and people added all kinds of suggestions in the comments and on my Facebook page. Language is fantastic, isn’t it? I had a grand time every... Read more »

Quilt ecards are fun

Variety is the spice of life.
Addictions are funny things, some just creep up on you and suddenly you realize you’re hooked.rds. Such was the case with Quilt ecards and me. I started making them to have something to post on my page. Then I would think about ones I wanted to make. Yep, I was hooked. Why? Because Quilt ecards... Read more »

What if Quilt Shows were like Rock Concerts

I live in the Chicago area and our fair city just hosted a huge Rock Festival, Lollapalooza. This kind of festival is not something I care to attend, it’s just not my thing. While I was reading the run down of conditions I had to wonder, what if Quilt Shows were like Rock Concerts? How... Read more »

Tour de Quilting

The Tour de France is in the month of July, it’s known world wide and is wildly popular. In spite of numerous scandals, the race is followed by millions of people as the riders make their way along a month long course. There are daily winners and an overall champion. It has defined the world... Read more »

12 Phrases I never want to hear again

The very first time I heard this phrase I thought, I can't wait for people to stop using that. Either say I know! or Right? But why both. I think it's increasing in popularity, it even has its own text letters, ikr. Sigh.
I love words and when they are put together cleverly in a phrases, I am impressed. It’s hard to do, to create a catchy phrase so often we all borrow ones that we hear and use them. And use them. And use them until they are no longer clever but annoying. No one is more... Read more »

12 Things you should Know about your Sewing Friends

If we're really tired it's probably because we stayed up late finishing a project. Or just working on it. Be kind to sleepy quilters.
How many friends do you have who quilt or sew?  They’re pretty cool, yes? But sometimes you might feel that maybe you just don’t get them. This blog post is for you. Quilters and others who sew can be tons of fun to hang out with.  They are sew darn nice and friendly.  However, they... Read more »

Christmas in July? No Thank You!

In the past week I have gotten dozens of emails promoting this or that Christmas in July event. And quilt  themed reminders are the most plentiful. I may be the only person who feels this way but Christmas in July? No thank you! Let me explain why. 1. Confusion – I forget things, I admit... Read more »

Soccer is like quilting

July is the month for bike racing and also, the World Cup is finishing up. In June I posted a couple of soccer themed ecards I had made and got this comment from a loyal reader Sandra proposing the idea that Soccer is like quilting. Aren’t they similar though; they run back and forth (you... Read more »

How to Survive a Power Outage

Recently the Chicago area had plenty of warning that there were storms a coming. People posted about it on Facebook and weather broadcasters tweeted about it before Tornado watch for Chi likely soon. This model fcst of the bow-shaped squall line hs it arriv’g in city 6-8pm. — Skilling (@Skilling) June 30, 2014  ... Read more »
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