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How to create an easy Gus from Cinderella costume

Tonight was Henry’s turn for a costume and I was ready for a fast sew in! He is going to be with his sister so he has to match with her while he will still let us. We chose the helper mouse from the movie. I want to share with you how to create an... Read more »

Cinderella Costume is complete and the steps I took to get here

The Cinderella Costume is complete, woot woot! I learned and refined my garment making skills, I used a serger and got one and Zara’s costume is done. Not bad for 6 weeks of work! Let’s see what steps I took to finally have it all done. The bodice took at least half of the weeks,... Read more »

What fun it is to be a student while I construct the Cinderella costume

I am really good at being a student and taking classes. I liked it so much, I became a teacher. I may be retired from teaching but I still love learning. I want to tell you what fun it is to be a student while I construct the Cinderella costume for Zara. I am really... Read more »

My next challenge is to improve my garment making skills

I like challenges in quilting and sewing, they keep me on my toes. My last challenge was to create a King sized quilt which is finally finished, leaving me free to try something new. I needed something new and different. I got a notification from Thimble Quilt Shop in Lockport and I signed up. I am... Read more »

The Mature Wonder Woman Costume

It’s Halloween and I don’t think I have dressed up in 4 decades. As a kid we had makeshift costumes so I made my girls some pretty darn good costumes. The fun continues with my grandchildren but this year, there was a twist. Zara looked at a package we had on the table and announced... Read more »

DIY Shimmer Costume finished with some sewing and some purchases

I made a Shimmer costume for my granddaughter from the Shimmer and Shine cartoon. Don’t feel bad, if I didn’t have a 3 year old granddaughter I would have never heard of it either. I wrote about getting the patterns here and finishing the vest in this post. In my opinion, the vest is the... Read more »

DIY How to make your own Shimmer Costume Step One

You’ve probably been wondering what ever happened to the Shimmer, of Shimmer and Shine fame, costume. I wrote about finding the patterns, etc. in this post. I was super early about gathering the supplies and then I let it marinate. It’s the middle of October so I am working on it now. I am going... Read more »

Etsy came to the rescue for the upcoming Shimmer and Shine costume

I love my grandchildren and therefore, I love making them Halloween costumes. However, my approach to making costumes is a bit more simplistic than Zara’s costume concept is this year. Luckily Etsy came to the rescue for the upcoming Shimmer and Shine costume. Let me fill you in on the whole story! This year Zara... Read more »

Yay me! I gave my children the gift of poverty instead of affluenza

Affluenza has been in the news lately. When I first heard about it I snorted and doubted anyone would ever believe in its power. I was wrong, people have and for a longer time than I knew.  I am very glad that I gave my children the gift of poverty instead of affluenza. Let’s define... Read more »

DIY Comfortable Toddler Pumpkin costume tutorial

Around Halloween, I am happy I sew. I liked making costumes for my own children and now I have grandchildren I can dress up. I am not a fan of a huge elaborate costume, I want something that is comfortable for the child to wear. I want them to be able to move, see and... Read more »
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