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Quilt as you go Bag part one

I was lucky enough to attend the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival and while I was there, I had some great classes. I even wrote about them! Sometimes I am bad about starting a project in a class and then not finishing it right away when I get home. And by sometimes, I mean most... Read more »

Tutorial for sewing a Furoshiki and Japanese Fabric Folding

In December I wrote a post about wrapping paper  which made me want to wrap with fabric. This led to another post where I did some of that.  Various people in the comments, by email and on my Facebook page asked me why I hadn’t mentioned Furoshiki. Why? Because I knew nothing about it! I... Read more »

Wrapping gifts with Fabric

I used to adore wrapping presents but somehow the pleasure of it diminished over the years. I still enjoy using gift bags with a bit of tissue paper because you can resuse them. This year, however, I wrote a post about wrapping paper facts. After doing all the research, I was determined to wrap three... Read more »

DIY T-Shirt Pillow Tutorial

Today is a pretty special occasion here at Quilting Sewing Creating. Want to know why? I knew you would! Today is the first time I have had a guest blogger and it tickles me that someone wanted to do a guest post on my blog. Not only that, it’s a really cool project. I will... Read more »

DIY Fabric Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Here is one of the bags I've made, I put little wine bottles in them. If you want to spring for large bottles of wine, just make the bag bigger.
Have you ever gone to a wedding and gotten a little organza bag full of Jordan almonds (why are they called that?) or possibly rice to throw. I think they are used as well for little gift bags or favors. If you’re like me you may have saved your little bag and thought about how... Read more »

DIY Fabric Tea Bag Tutorial

I am a tea lover and drinker. We even have a little Hadley mug so Zara can drink “hot tea” with us. (Lukewarm water which saw a tea bag for 5 seconds.) Zara also loves tea sets, she has 3 right now. And if you have three, surely you need a fourth, correct?  We bought... Read more »

DIY Mini Quilt Ornament tutorial

Did you see the post about the funky tea cup ornament? I wasn’t so sure if funky was what something wanted on a Christmas Tree. Maybe Christmas trees are more traditional? I decided to hedge my bet and make another ornament plus, I think I might be addicted. Making ornaments is really fun. Are you... Read more »

DIY Funky Christmas Tea Cup Ornament Tutorial

My guild has an ornament exchange coming up and I have been over thinking what to make. I wanted to sew something modern in both fabric, color and composition. I poked around on Pinterest but the answer came to me as I was putting out my Christmas china. This year I only put out the... Read more »

12 DIY gifts to sew quickly

I just love my glasses case and I made one for my daughter and she loved it also! I plan on making at least 4 more for presents. You should too! <a href="">Here's the complete post</a>
When I taught, I made all my gifts in the summer. Now that I am retired, I am not nearly as industrious during the warm months. No, I wait until we’re about a month away and then I do the mad sewing marathons. Over the past two years as I make a gift, I write... Read more »

DIY Fast and Easy Headband Tutorial

Sometimes a quick and easy project is really satisfying. I am working on Zara’s Dragon quilt so in the meantime, I am looking for little projects to make quickly. My daughter Emily wanted a thinner headband than the ones she had purchased. Perfect! Here we to with the DIY Fast and Easy Headband Tutorial. Emily... Read more »
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