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DIY Two Table runners from one length of Fabric Tutorial

Recently we had the end of an era around here, we replaced our 30+ year old dining room table and chairs. I never thought I would but it seemed a bit old fashioned. Plus it was wobbly from years of people using it to help balance themselves as they got up.  And one chair needed... Read more »

DIY Water Bottle Carrier Tutorial

I spent my Junior year of college at the University of Barcelona and was amazed at how the Spanish, a poor people then, paid for bottled water. I drank tap water and would laugh while shaking my head at a habit I knew Americans would never emulate. Obviously, I am not great at predicting the... Read more »

Apron for a Toddler

My favorite thing to sew is a quilt, hands down. After that I love to sew things for my children and grandchild. When it became apparent to me that she was interested in cooking I knew I had to make an Apron for a Toddler. You should try it, it’s way more fun than a... Read more »

DIY Low Volume Baby Quilt

In May, I raised my hand to learn about low volume fabrics and quilts for a Naperville Modern Quilt Guild presentation. (I know, raising my hand is a bad habit of mine.) Our guild had that discussion last night and I brought in fabrics, some pictures and a Low Volume Baby Quilt. I am very... Read more »

DIY Comfy Camera Strap tutorial

I love to take pictures and sprinkle them everywhere – on twitter, Facebook, my blog, my walls, you name it. I have a small camera I keep up in my sewing room and a nicer one for vacations. Then I have my beloved Nikon 5200, it’s an digital slr and I use it when I... Read more »

DIY Rag or Laundry Bag Tutorial

I collect rags, fine, now you know this about me. I use them for all kinds of different nasty little jobs. Even better is deciding that a towel or other item can no longer be used in any way. I then cut it up and add it to the rag bag. My Mother had a... Read more »

DIY - How to make your own Shower Curtain tutorial

I used to buy shower curtains, it just didn’t occur to me to make them. However in the winter of 1997, I was a single Mom in a new condo and after a two week winter break we had snow days. I also was in possession of the curtains from my previous bedroom. Next thing... Read more »

DIY Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial

We subscribe to the Chicago Tribune which comes in a protective plastic bag.  Those bags collect and some of them we recycle while others we use. In fact, they will be my new shoe bags thanks to suggestions on my Facebook page. In the meantime, I have to keep them somewhere. We used to have... Read more »

DIY Glasses case tutorial

I have some really big sunglasses that I wanted to take with me on our recent trip to Cuba.  However the case they came with is the size of a small coffin. It’s a hard case, which I know is the best way to protect them, but it takes up too much room in my... Read more »

Snaps are the best closure for homemade bibs

I make bibs, lots of bibs. Many other people do, I see them on Pinterest and on other blogs. I love the colors and cool ideas but when I see Velcro closings or tie strings I feel for the Mom. I started out with both of those ways to close a bib. I learned the... Read more »
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