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Modern ombre table runner in one day tutorial

Tomatoes are red, but it just doesn't say Valentine's  day to me!
Valentine’s day is fast approaching so I put out my red kitchen linens. Meh, the flip side of the Italian table runner didn’t quite cut it. I decided I needed a new one and I needed it fast. Really fast! I just happened to have a super cool collection of fat quarter solids that I... Read more »

DIY Supergirl Yoga mat bag tutorial

First time I made a yoga bag, I made 4! This was in 2010 and the straps were in the seam and premade. They kept shredding out of the seam. I decided I needed a new way for Zara.
I have written previously how the TV show Supergirl had captured my imagination and the lucky fact that the Fabric society had sent me the fabric. Making the right project is one of my goals for 2016 and I got total inspiration recently. I have described that I am no longer a Yoga dropout but... Read more »

Modern Baby quilt is all done on time

I love the process of making a quilt and I love a finished quilt. Sometimes the time lapse involved is months and months but this time I had a definite deadline.  I am ecstatic that the modern baby quilt is all done on time no less! I designed it with help on Wednesday, pieced it... Read more »

Make a modern Baby quilt top in a day

I was invited to a baby shower for a sweet baby boy arriving soon. The parents-to-be include the son of a very good friend of mine. I’ve know him since the day he was born and I went to his wedding. He is an art teacher and a musician. As part of my wedding shower... Read more »

DIY How to make a fabric gift bag from one yard of fabric

Start with one yard of fabric. Cut off any rough edges, the selvage and straighten the piece. If you want your bag smaller, start with less fabric. Easy!
I have written before about how I try to avoid using wrapping paper. When I can, I try to share my ideas on how to make a fabric gift bag and I have a new one. Did you see the Facebook post that was going around on how to make a gift bag out of... Read more »

Organize all the toys with DIY bags

I love my grandchildren and they love toys. Lots of toys with increasingly smaller pieces which are not fun for me to step on nor babies to put in their mouths. I also love a clean condo, particularly in the office where we store the toys the 4 days a week our sweethearts are not... Read more »

DIY Simple Holiday Dish Towels

Small, useful gifts that are handmade show the person that you are thinking about them for the holidays. I prefer making my gifts because I am not a big mall lover. I can shop all day long in quilt stores for fabric, and I do. On one of these shopping adventures, I finished the bolt... Read more »

DIY How to make a darling Christmas Stocking Tutorial

I just finished making Henry's stocking. A stocking is easier to make than you might imagine and becomes an heirloom. Keep reading and find out how. Plus, the last pic has cute little Henry in it!
I have a brand new grandson and you know what that means, I have to make him everything I ever made for Zara. How do people do it with bunches of Grandchildren? Hopefully, they are spaced out so you can have steady projects! As you know, I have already made him a couple of quilts... Read more »

Stunning Fall Strip Table Runner part 2 tutorial

I hope you could sleep last night waiting for the second part of this tutorial to be published. Well, wait no more. Here it is, yay, Stunning Fall Strip Table runner part 2. I tried a new technique that I learned when I met Marti Michell for lunch. I meant to use it the very... Read more »

Stunning Fall Strip Table Runner part 1 Tutorial

I have a kitchen island, a china storage cabinet and a big ole kitchen table and they all NEED table runners on them for me to be happy. I’ve been making table runners for a couple of thousand years but still, each year it seems I have to make a new one. I just completed... Read more »
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