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Wrapping gifts with Fabric

I used to adore wrapping presents but somehow the pleasure of it diminished over the years. I still enjoy using gift bags with a bit of tissue paper because you can resuse them. This year, however, I wrote a post about wrapping paper facts. After doing all the research, I was determined to wrap three... Read more »

7 Reasons Why Thank You Notes Rock

I make presents, I buy presents and I give cash or gift cards. Most of my gifts I give to the recipient in person and they thank me. I do the same thing. Other times I give the present through the mail or leave it for a person. When I then get thanked in writing... Read more »

Phrases most heard over the Holidays

My husband and I live in a two bed room condo with a loft above the great room which is my sewing room. The second bedroom is my office and also Zara’s hangout. We have two bathrooms, no waiting. We are both really clean and fairly quiet. Over the holidays my youngest daughter and her... Read more »

How to make a Quilter Happy at Christmas

Quilters are usually a pretty happy bunch, after all we have our fabric, thread and sewing to keep us busy. We have other quilters we can chat with online and we have quilts to keep us warm. What’s not to love? But there are special occasions when it’s nice to show your favorite quilter some... Read more »

Leaving Sewing to the Last Minute

When I worked I was super organized about Christmas, I mean sickeningly super organized. I had all kinds of gifts sewn by labor day. No, I am not lying! I might finish up a quilt or make one more but I had my gifts done and no worrying to do. I didn’t tell people, my... Read more »

Do you recall the most famous quilter of all?

Many of us have heard of Paul Bunyan or Johnny Appleseed,  they are legends in the States. Equally famous are Dolly Pitcher and Betsy Ross. Santa Claus is known all over the world even if the names he is referred by change from country to country. Even animals are well know for their loyalty and... Read more »

DIY Mini Quilt Ornament tutorial

Did you see the post about the funky tea cup ornament? I wasn’t so sure if funky was what something wanted on a Christmas Tree. Maybe Christmas trees are more traditional? I decided to hedge my bet and make another ornament plus, I think I might be addicted. Making ornaments is really fun. Are you... Read more »

12 Delicious Facts about Hot Chocolate

I love coffee and I love tea plus I love hot chocolate, particularly this time of year. I used to teach Spanish and went to school in Guadalajara, Mexico and Barcelona, Spain. Those two countries have incredible hot chocolate. This led me to musing about this beverage and seeking out facts. Of course I will... Read more »

Easy Minimal Christmas Decorating

I live in a condo, happily so. We get our snow removed, our leaves removed and our grass cut. For us, it works as we are not big gardeners and don’t mind living with three other units in the building. And at Christmas time, it makes decorating easy. See how we accomplish easy minimal Christmas... Read more »

DIY Funky Christmas Tea Cup Ornament Tutorial

My guild has an ornament exchange coming up and I have been over thinking what to make. I wanted to sew something modern in both fabric, color and composition. I poked around on Pinterest but the answer came to me as I was putting out my Christmas china. This year I only put out the... Read more »
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