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10 reasons to love Fall

When I taught school, fall wasn’t my favorite season. I was all about summer which is a great season. But I have recently fallen in love with autumn and I think you should too. To help you out I am giving you 10 reasons to love Fall. 1. Apples - Hello Honey Crisp my favorite... Read more »

Magritte and the Magic of the Surrealists at Art Institute of Chicago inspires creativity

The creative process is enigmatic and unpredictable. However, I have found that being in the presence of someone or something creative begets more creativity in me. My quilting inspiration was waning so a trip to see Magritte and the Magic of the Surrealists at Art Institute of Chicago was a much needed boost. I have always... Read more »

Visit to International Quilt Festival Chicago 2014

Yes, it's me and yes, it's my quilt. You knew I would begin the photo gallery with this shot, yes?
On Thursday, June 19 my friend Gina and I were excited for our Visit to International Quilt Festival Chicago 2014. I had been last year, but Gina wasn’t able to go with me. We had been planning this outing for a while. Why were we so excited? Because my Irish in Chicago quilt was being exhibited... Read more »

16 Ways to Enjoy a Chicago Summer on a Budget

Drive or walk by Buckingham Fountain, it's only on in the summer and it's glorious.
I love Chicago, the city and the surrounding area. I say that even though we just had a pretty rotten winter. OK, a really rotten winter. I have always savored my summers, I was a teacher after all. But this summer, I think we should all relish the outdoor magnificence of this area even more... Read more »

Quilt Round Robin and other Firsts

I have previously confessed to an overuse of social media and among these pleasures is Twitter. My quilter pals on Twitter are full of good ideas, blogs, podcasts and support. I was even lucky enough to meet one when her guild put on a fabulous show. As a result when a Quilt Round Robin was... Read more »

The Homicide Quilt at the Beauty and Brawn Gallery in Chicago

I think this power of this quilt is to view it first in its entirety. Let the neighborhoods and the names make an impression on you. Then examine the individual names and think about the people who stitched those names and the humanity behind them.
Quilts are part of what life is all about. They provide an outlet for artistic expression, beautify homes, keep families warm and are an emotional comfort as well. The Homicide quilt at the Beauty and Brawn Gallery is providing a multi layered experience for the city beyond that of most quilts. Thanks to Rex Huppke... Read more »

Irish in Chicago Quilt part two

Creating, sewing and quilting this Irish in Chicago Quilt has been an overwhelming experience. I have lived with this quilt in my head, talking to me and urging me on. The quilt I had in my head was a whispery phantom, I now have the real quilt. If you missed the genesis of this project... Read more »

Irish in Chicago Quilt part one

Quilts are always floating around in my head, ones I am making, ones I want to make, some I’ve seen and they mix up with the other thoughts that roam around in there. I’ve added in Irish musings for over a month lately as I planned my St. Patrick’s day clothes, activities and sewing. I’ve... Read more »

What to wear in Chicago for St. Patrick's weekend

The Queen of the St. Patrick's day parade, Lauren Elizabeth Catinella, has her outfit all picked out. The rest of us, have to figure it out. (Photo source:Chicago Tribune)
How many of you are planning your Irish garb for the upcoming weekend? Me too! For those of us who are Irish we know that it’s not just a day, heck no, it’s a weekend here in Chicago. But what to wear? What if you are planning on doing other things this weekend? Fret no... Read more »

14 Coats needed to survive a Chicago winter

This is the coat that experts tell you is all you will need. I laugh at these experts but she does look good in that coat. I've never seen anyone on the streets looking that good but darn it, she is warm and gorgeous. But you need way more coats than this one.
Chicago has a rich history, great literature, fabulous restaurants and really lousy winters. Now before you start telling me about last winter, I will allow for the occasional exception. But overall, the winters here are crazy bad. It doesn’t particularly bother me, I am used to it having spent every winter of my life here.... Read more »
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