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Cubs quilt to celebrate the World Series and keep a promise

I am delighted to report that I reached an important goal. I have a finished the Cubs quilt to celebrate the World Series and keep a promise to Cliff. What promise? Let me tell you! When we married he would mention a Cubs quilt to which I would reply, I will make you a Cubs... Read more »

Cubs Quilt Top is finished

I was on a sewing tear tonight. I had been inefficient in the afternoon and resolved to get going! After dinner I went up to the sewing loft and just kept sewing and sewing. My husband was watching a program that I liked listening to so I just kept going until a bit after midnight.... Read more »

Quilters Represent at Women's March on Chicago, January 21 2017

This is my march sign. I made it the night before based on some other signs I had seen. I want to sew a better one. Why? That's a really good question!
I am 63 years old and I had never marched in a protest. Nope, not even in college when everyone else seems to have protested something. The right event, location, motivation and accessibility never seemed to line up. I thought maybe someday and this weekend, it was that day. I participated because I am a... Read more »

Designing and Sewing a Cubs quilt top - part 2

Designing and sewing a Cubs quilt top makes me happy every single day. I spend more time on this quilt top than I have on any quilt project in a year. I can’t wait to get up the stairs and try to figure out where I want to put blocks. I am also juggling size... Read more »

Step 1 of designing a Cubs quilt

I don’t know if you heard but the Cubs won the World Series in November of 2016. My husband is a huge fan and had been waiting for this moment all his life. I started collecting fabric during the season but didn’t even wash it until after the last out. Now I am free to... Read more »

Themes in Hamilton reminded me of politics today in the quilting world

My husband and I saw the musical Hamilton and we adored it. I was savoring every single minute, even the walk in the cold from parking the car. I have never seen a play where the audience was as excited as today’s, the energy even before the action began was palpable. As I watched and... Read more »

Images of sewing in the Art Institute of Chicago

We are lucky to live near the city of Chicago with its magnificent Art Institute. I learned to love it in my teens and it’s been a constant in my life since then. When I taught French we did a unit on Impressionism and culminated it with a trip to see the originals. I would bring... Read more »

Celebrating the Cubs World Series Championship with 5 million fans

We drove into the city the night before and spent the night. The sight of the city all decorated was the beginning of the good times.
What’s it like celebrating the Cubs World Series Championship with 5 million fans? It was fabulous, it really was. Perfect weather, a party 108 years in the making and happiness on everyone’s face. What’s it really like? It’s enjoying the moment. It’s missing the parts they show on the news and just living in the... Read more »

The Cubs being in the World Series is balm to the soul

My family in the Chicago area is all Cub fans and I am talking sisters, daughters, son in laws, nephews and offspring. The Cubs being in the World Series is balm to the soul of many of us but none more than my husband. Here is why this team and its success means so much... Read more »

Will buying their fabric jinx the Cubs winning the World Series?

Chicago has two baseball teams and the one I prefer has not won a World Series since 1908. My parents were not big baseball fans so games were not a tradition for me. Once I started teaching at Rich East HS, I had a French club and to encourage membership we took all kinds of... Read more »
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