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Presidential and Patriotic quilts seen at Quilt week in Paducah 2016

I was so taken by the exhibit, I bought the book. I am super glad that I did.
Are you wondering when Kathy is going to stop writing about her trip to Paducah? Ha! I could just write and write about it! There were so many great aspects to that experience. When I purchased my two day pass it included entry to the Rotary Club exhibit. I ran over there at the last... Read more »

National Quilt Museum during Quilt Week in Paducah 2016

One of the last experience I had during Quilt Week was to visit the National Quilt Museum. Admission to this lovely place was included in the pass I had purchased. It was surprisingly not crowded, cool, quiet and had floors that were easy to walk on. I was thrilled I had revisited this favorite.
I had such a great time at Paducah that I am not done posting about it yet. Besides the quilts, the people, the vendors and the town there were also special exhibits. I had been before but I was thrilled to revisit the National Quilt Museum during Quilt week in Paducah 2016. It’s a stunning... Read more »

I loved the book the Orphan Train and its quilt references

I know this is a quilting/sewing blog but I wander off topic a bit every now and then. Fine, maybe a bit more than that. Plus, it’s no secret that I love to read and if the book has the slightest reference to quilts, I will write a post about it. I loved the book... Read more »

How to enjoy Persepolis with your book club

I host my classics book club at my home 3 times a year. Happily I am in another book club, one begun by my daughter to read any kind of book. We take turns hosting and if you host, you pick the book. The hostess provides all the food and if you didn’t finish the... Read more »

Shakespeare Saved my Life is a great book with a quilt chapter

I finished a book last week that I had to share here on my blog. Why, you ask? Because Shakespeare Saved my Life is a great book with a quilt chapter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about quilts but it has a chapter where a quilt is significant. For that and other reasons, you... Read more »

Call of the Wild Book Club Grand Finale

Here in Chicago our temperature did not get out of single digits today. It was the perfect weather for our Call of the Wild Book Club Finale. Yes, we are book nerds, thanks for noticing. We meet 3 times each year and discuss a classic book. We have read 17 classics, one every 4 months... Read more »

Jack London inspired my sewing or The Call of the Wild to the studio

Last summer I visited Alaska and while I was there, I went overboard on Alaskan fabrics in two quilt stores. Once I got home and looked at the fabrics I wasn’t so sure I wanted an Alaskan quilt, per se. I let those fabrics age and marinate a while for just the right project. I... Read more »

How to host a fabulous book club for The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

I love to read all kinds of books. This year I have read 2 graphic novels, some popular fiction, quilt books and 3 classic novels. This last one was quite a complex novel with many different layers of meaning. I couldn’t wait to discuss it. Six people were supposed to be attending so I got... Read more »

The bliss of giving a quilt to a child

My granddaughter Zara loves quilts, bless her heart. She sleeps with three that I have made at her house and one or two at mine. She learned early to say the word quilt and a common phrase from this two and a half year old is “I need a quilt!” However, most of these quilts... Read more »

No Dragons on my Quilt is finished

I am just thrilled to report that the No Dragons on my Quilt is finished. It’s quilted, it’s trimmed, it’s bound and it’s ready for Zara. It’s such a joyful feeling to have finished something. Let’s examine how I finally got here. When I last wrote about this cutie quilt, I had finished the top.... Read more »
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