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The Great Gatsby Book Club

The Great Gatsby is a staple of many American Lit classes in High School. I read it but when I reread it for book club, I really didn’t remember a word of it. I was so impressed by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s use of language. I can’t imagine having understood this book when I was in... Read more »

Book Club for Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

One of the pleasures of my life is book club.  I am having three of them at my house this month as the calendars seem to have collided. I usually make something new for the meeting/meal but I didn’t this time. However, I did debut a table runner that I had made and never used... Read more »

Dreaming in Cuba book club

Friday night was our Dreaming in Cuba book club. There were supposed to be nine of us but we ended up with 7, still a pretty good number for discussing a book. I had the best time because everyone let me show pictures from Cuba. I even loaded them into a Powerpoint presentation so I... Read more »

Dreaming in Cuban

This was a fun week for me, it started out with St. Patrick’s day, a fabulous holiday. Then the very next day I got to go see Cristina Garcia, a very favorite author of mine. She wrote the book Dreaming in Cuban which I recently reread. When I saw that the moderator was Teresa Puente,... Read more »

Laura Ingalls Wilder was a quilter

Laura Ingalls Wilder lived decades before I was born but her books influenced me all my life. In second grade my mother began reading the series to me and I took over from there. It provided one of the peak moments of that year as I got to read the Little House in the Big... Read more »

Quilt books for Children

Chase, a 6 year old boy, is the hero of this story. It is cute and I think you could start reading it once a child is about two and won't rip the pages. The quilt is the other hero of the story plus imagination. I just bought this, no problem getting a copy.
This post just needs some dessert and it would be all of my favorite things rolled into one. Do I love quilts? YES! Do I love reading? YES! And do I love children, oh YES I do! But it all together and what do you have? Quilt books for Children, sigh of contentment. I love... Read more »

Book review and giveaway

I try every now and then to write amusing things here in my blog. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but what the heck, I keep trying! Apparently, I have at least one fan, Cheri Hage, who contacted me recently. Yay for fans! In addition to being a fan, she is also an author. She... Read more »

Wuthering Heights Book Club

When I was in school, I read on my own for pleasure but I also read what teachers and professors assigned me. This combination allowed me to read what I wanted but also to stretch my mind while I read novels I might not have ever chosen on my own. I decided to revive this... Read more »

Sew Zoey interests tweens in Sewing

I love books and reading as much as I love sewing and more than cookies, hard to believe, I know! When I was a tween, again hard to believe, I automatically got Home Ec in 8th grade and that’s where I learned to sew. I am still grateful, you can read about it here. Right... Read more »

A Seat at the Bar, with Anne Tyler

ChicagoNow is encouraging a blog post about an imaginary encounter with an author whose work has influenced mine and to have a drink with her.  This is pretty cool because I have long yearned to sit down with Anne Tyler, have some lunch and profess my love for her and her writing without fear of... Read more »
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    What do you do after retiring from 35 years of fulltime teaching Spanish and French? EVERYTHING! All those things I had just a bit of time to do I now have lots more time to do! I'm a part time Adjunct Spanish professor plus I quilt, sew, travel, swim, read, eat chocolate, bike a bit, walk some and then quilt and sew some more. And maybe eat a bit more chocolate.

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