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Christie Brinkley and I are both 63 - let's compare for fun

Wow! She is my same age.
I recently saw a photo gallery of 11 stars who are Defying the Laws of Aging.  I laughed, a bit nervously, but tried to dismiss it as not applicable to me. But then I saw it, Christie Brinkley, 63 years old. Guess what, I am 63 years old also. Yep, supermodel Christie Brinkley and I are... Read more »

Quilters Represent at Women's March on Chicago, January 21 2017

This is my march sign. I made it the night before based on some other signs I had seen. I want to sew a better one. Why? That's a really good question!
I am 63 years old and I had never marched in a protest. Nope, not even in college when everyone else seems to have protested something. The right event, location, motivation and accessibility never seemed to line up. I thought maybe someday and this weekend, it was that day. I participated because I am a... Read more »

12 Great Gift ideas to buy Grandma from a Grandma

It is sometimes hard to know what to buy people. There are easy ways, for example, you can ask the person! Or they and everyone else in your family can set up a wish list on Amazon. If you are wondering what to get for your grandmother I can help. Here are some terrific gift ideas to... Read more »

The Mature Wonder Woman Costume

It’s Halloween and I don’t think I have dressed up in 4 decades. As a kid we had makeshift costumes so I made my girls some pretty darn good costumes. The fun continues with my grandchildren but this year, there was a twist. Zara looked at a package we had on the table and announced... Read more »

The Cubs being in the World Series is balm to the soul

My family in the Chicago area is all Cub fans and I am talking sisters, daughters, son in laws, nephews and offspring. The Cubs being in the World Series is balm to the soul of many of us but none more than my husband. Here is why this team and its success means so much... Read more »

Where did the slang of my youth go? 7 phrases I miss the most.

I am not sure we ever used it seriously but it was fun to mock. Want to hear it in action? Next page!
I accept that life changes and you change as well. I have embraced grey hair. I am dealing with aches and pains. But at times, when I speak, I wonder. Where did the slang of my youth go? When I was young, I had a gas when I had fun. People went ape when they... Read more »

I gave myself the gift of a two day sewing marathon

I was lucky enough to turn 63 last Thursday and I gave myself the gift of a two day sewing marathon. It was fabulous! My present from my husband was taking me to Quilt week in Paducah, this was my present from me to me! I started off on Wednesday by getting dressed, then I... Read more »

How much light is enough for sewing and quilting?

How much light is enough for sewing and quilting? How about if I told you that it depends. Not a very good answer but I am afraid it’s true. Let’s try to figure it out together. I think the first thing to consider is overall room lighting. I just discovered that there is an actual... Read more »

12 Things I learned by being an involved Grandparent

I watch my grandchildren 3 days a week. I started in January of 2013 for a six month stint. Here I am still watching her and her brother. I loved it so much my husband even joined in on the fun. I am lucky, I live close to them and I get to see them... Read more »

Are you cheap about anything in sewing? Because I am

When I learned how to sew my mother was thrilled because she viewed it as a way to save money. Back when clothing was more expensive and fabrics were cheaper, you did save money by sewing your own clothes.  She was very happy to buy me thread, hem tape and patterns because overall, we came... Read more »