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Don't patronize old people by calling them cute

I am 62 years old and do you know why I am that age? Because I was born in 1953. The main determiner of age is when you were born, shocking I know. Each year, in fact, I get older; I hope to at least. I am taking upon my self to speak up for... Read more »

10 reasons I nap and you should too

When I was in school I did not nap. I would sleep as much as I could during the week and then sleep massive amounts on the weekend. Once I began working I learned the wonder of the power nap and would grab a quick one after school. Once I had children, I did not... Read more »

Thoughts while my daughter is in labor

My daughter is in labor as I write this. We are home taking care of her daughter, our granddaughter and her husband is helping her. It’s a very poignant experience, a cross of fatigue and emotion. My thoughts while my daughter is in labor conjure up the past as I look forward to the future.... Read more »

Why do you care if I am fat?

My youngest daughter was home for a week. It was a wonderful visit. We got to go to the pool, visit with family and enjoy each other’s company. When you communicate via text, phone or social media you tend to stick to MACRO news, big events or important information. But when you are face to... Read more »

I reprimand children in public

I am here to confess a most grievous sin of mine. I reprimand children in public. Children who are not my own kids. You may keel over in disbelief right now as I know this is a very unpopular stand. I have read posts and articles where parents vent their fury that another adult said... Read more »

Bo Derek hates aging but I love it

Have you read lately that Bo Derek hates aging? I guess it’s big news! You can read about her feelings here or here. I am shocked that anyone would say this especially someone with the looks that she once had. I just wonder why Bo Derek hates aging but I love it Let’s take a... Read more »


I grew up in the 1950′s when parents didn’t worry so much about self esteem. I knew that my parents loved me, most of the time at least. But when I remember some of the things my Mom used to say it can make me shake my head and laugh, all at the same time.... Read more »

15 Ways that Make our Marriage Great

April 15, 2000 was a wonderful day because I married the love of my life. We have had 15 wonderful years of marriage and today is our golden anniversary, yes? 15 years on the 15th? I know a golden anniversary is actually 50 years but I am calling it today! Both of us had been... Read more »

12 ways Deocorative Tins will organize your life

Most people think of tins being used for sewing supplies or buttons. Sure enough, I have my button collection in an old Maurice Lenell cookie tin that I got from my mom. But this is only one way to use tins.
I like being organized but not too organized, I like some softness. I also like saving things from being thrown in landfills. But most of all, I really like decorative tins, vintage if possible. I am here to let you see how decorative tins can improve your life. For real. Some of my decorative tins... Read more »

DIY Walker Bag with Pockets Tutorial

This is a closeup of the finished bag, pockets on front, back and inside.
Last December I wrote about visiting my father in the hospital after he fell and broke his spine. He is home now and has a super cool chair sit to go up the stairs and a nifty chair which helps him up in the den. His spine is healed and he is making friends with... Read more »
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