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Visiting your Parent in the Hospital

My father is 92 and he is in the hospital. He fell three times last week and has a spinal fracture, not a serious one, but painful none the less. When my mother was 57 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died at age 59. What I have discovered is that no matter what... Read more »

Easy Minimal Christmas Decorating

I live in a condo, happily so. We get our snow removed, our leaves removed and our grass cut. For us, it works as we are not big gardeners and don’t mind living with three other units in the building. And at Christmas time, it makes decorating easy. See how we accomplish easy minimal Christmas... Read more »

My Favorite Vet is my Dad, Jerry Mathews

My Dad was born in 1922 to a family that had love but drama.
Today is Veteran’s Day, November 11th when we honor those who have served in our Nation’s Military. It’s a National Celebration but also a personal one. I think many of us respect and honor Veterans in general but may have one particular Veteran we especially have in our mind. For me, my favorite Vet is... Read more »

My Moment of Genius was to Remarry

This week’s theme for a Blogger’s Life here at ChicagoNow is “My Moment of Genius”.  I am not a genius so I pondered that topic and my choices. In my adult life I have had my share of bad moments. Don’t get me wrong, there was much joy as well, particularly my kids. But my first... Read more »

Exercising in the pool is for everyone

I am not athletic, never have been. Both of my sisters were cheerleaders and could do various tricks with my Dad. Me? I really liked reading! I tried running and let’s just say I never got that runner’s high. But I have found my spot and it’s in the pool. I firmly believe that exercising... Read more »

Grandma is the best name of all

Each week there is a different theme that we can write about it in the Blogger’s Life series. This week is What’s in a name? And what came to my mind is the name Grandma.  By far, Grandma is the best name of all. I was born Kathleen and most of life I was called... Read more »

Even when I don't like a quilt show or shop, I like it

I go to a lot of quilt stores and my checking account balance will verify that. I also try to hit a quilt show at least once a month. There is nothing like new fabrics and great quilts to inspire creativity in me. And when I love them, I write about them. My posts about... Read more »

My favorite year - a quilter's fantasy

Boy it’s been quite a year here in the quilting world. I can hardly believe it, in fact is it true or is my favorite year a quilter’s fantasy? Let’s look over all the exciting developments of the past year. First there was the news last winter that sewing and quilting erased wrinkles. I don’t know,... Read more »

Now is Better than the Good old Days

I like today, the way we are now. Sure, there are things I miss about the past. I am sentimental about some aspects of society which are gone but not forgotten. But I prefer to celebrate what’s new and current and enjoyable. Let’s not mourn the past but enjoy with both hands all there is... Read more »

Ovarian Cancer Kills 14,000 women a year - Don't be one of them

I want you to live a rich, full and LONG life. I want the same thing for me and I would have loved it for my Mom as well. She died at age 59 after being diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian cancer. She was not alone, Ovarian Cancer Kills 14,000 women a year. How can you... Read more »
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