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Small design walls are also fabulous

I have written before about my design walls. Yes, that is plural, I have a large one for me and one for Zara. I thought she might not like having such a big one so I ordered her a small one via Massdrop. It arrived and I excitedly showed it to her. She politely said,... Read more »

A quick tip for sewing room safety

Sewing room safety is not a huge concern for quilters but there are a few issues to worry about. We work with big machine, items that cut and needles. Usually we are extremely careful about all of these factors. I have to admit, however, that I’ve been negligent in one area for years. Changing my... Read more »

Let's talk about bidets

I traveled to Mexico in High School and lived in Spain for a year in college. I don’t know when I learned about bidets but there must have been a moment when someone clued me in. I imagine a teacher or friend said, Let’s talk about bidets. When I took students to France for the... Read more »

Here's a quick way to get more use out of your deck

Last year we redid our deck and I adore it. It’s clean, sleek and will never need any work from us to maintain it. When winter came it felt like we had lost the use of a room. I had a great idea that I am sharing with you. Here’s a quick way to get... Read more »

How to save favorite stained, ripped or torn garments

I am famous for wearing what I eat, right on the middle of my shirt. I have clothes I have purchased that never quite fit right or felt good. I have other clothes that somehow shrink in the closet. I am all about getting rid of those items. I go through my closet twice a... Read more »

I had sleep issues and this is what I did about them

Sleep is great, isn’t it? You need to sleep and most of us like to sleep. But it’s not always so easy. I had sleep issues and this is what I did about them. My first and longest issue is snoring. I tried denial for quite a while but when I woke myself up snoring... Read more »

Any regrets? My main regret is not chewing sugarless gum

I guess we all have some regrets from the road not taken to the bad decision. My main regret is not chewing sugarless gum when I was in high school. I know, not a huge deal but it was a choice that came home to roost today. Why don’t I tell you the whole story?... Read more »

What to do if you see a black shadow in your vision

I am so happy to be able to be writing this post. I am here to share my experiences with you and give some advice. About what? About eyes or what to do if you see a black shadow in your vision. This all started about a week ago when I started seeing a bunch... Read more »

Is Music better at reducing stress than quilting?

What are your stress reducing strategies? This article caught my eye about the very subject. In the article they claimed that  you could reduce your anxiety by 65% by listening to this music. Take a listen. How did you feel after listening to that piece? I personally found it to be super aggravating. I tried... Read more »

What is your policy for feet on furniture and quilts?

I'm fine with feet on my quilts or sofa if they are encased in socks.
I recently read an article from the BBC which included several casual pics from the Oval Office. You can read it here but the part that interested me was various people putting their feet on furniture. This surprised me as I didn’t even let students put their feet on the desks or chairs in the... Read more »