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6 reasons to Kick the Bucket List

What do you think of bucket lists? Do you have one? Do you hear about them a lot on Facebook because I do. People seem to casually say, “Oh climbing all the mountains in the world, that’s on my bucket list.” The movie by the same name seems to have spawned all kinds of grandiose... Read more »

12 Phrases I never want to hear again

The very first time I heard this phrase I thought, I can't wait for people to stop using that. Either say I know! or Right? But why both. I think it's increasing in popularity, it even has its own text letters, ikr. Sigh.
I love words and when they are put together cleverly in a phrases, I am impressed. It’s hard to do, to create a catchy phrase so often we all borrow ones that we hear and use them. And use them. And use them until they are no longer clever but annoying. No one is more... Read more »

Ups and Downs of the first month of owning an electric car

My electric car is over a month old. Happy belated one month birthday Ellie Blue! I love my car but the first 5 weeks have not been perfect.  I want to tell you the Ups and Downs of the first month of owning an electric car. One huge up is being able to monitor my Ellie... Read more »

I wish Someone would Invent these Items for my Sewing Room

Have you ever been in your sewing room and wondered aloud, Why doesn’t someone invent a solution for this problem? Me too! I am not an inventor. However we live in clever times and I  wish someone would come up with these items to make my sewing life easier! I came up with my list,... Read more »

How to Take more Flattering pictures

I ran into a fellow blogger Candace Jordan and had my husband take our pic, with a cell phone. Candace, a fellow model, had him use the flash to fill in the shadows. I loved that! So tip one, use a flash to fill in the shadows. You should check out Candace's blog <a href="">Candid Candace</a>
I love pictures, love them. I can’t remember when I didn’t. I always wanted my parents to take more pictures and to organize them better.  Yes, I was a bit of an odd child, thanks for noticing. Back then film was expensive, cameras were expensive and developing was very expensive. I had to bide my... Read more »

Featherweight Fun Facts

I have a Featherweight that I love with all my heart. I bring it with me when I want to sew away from home and it does a great job. Plus it’s just as cute as heck. I was so excited when I got my surprise present of one for Christmas of 2009. See how... Read more »

What do you get a quilter for her birthday?

What do you get a quilter for her birthday? I mean, what do you get THIS quilter for her birthday? I have to admit, I have just about every present a quilter could want.  You think I’m kidding? Let me tell you how indulged I am and how much good loot you can accumulate in... Read more »

I broke a Quilt rule today

I took a class on how to make a quilt in 1983 and I made two sampler quilts in that year. I liked the class very much and it was very old school. I could never take this class today but I take a certain perverse pleasure in learning how to quilt in such a... Read more »

Saying hello is easy and important

I live in the Midwest, in a small suburb southwest of the city of Chicago. I love my town and one of the things I love about it is The Plank Trail. I just got my bike fixed so I could ride it again. I even tweeted about it. My spiffed up bike, fresh from... Read more »

Highs and lows of Buying and Owning an electric car

On May 12 I went to fill up my hybrid car with gasoline. When the nozzle clicked that it was done, I removed it and was drenched in gasoline. Apparently it was just kidding when it clicked but the opening in my car snapped shut so that last blast sprayed me. Initially,  I was horrified... Read more »
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