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Don't panic when you run out of fabric for a quilt you're sewing

King sized quilts use up a lot of fabric. I know, I know, in other news, water is wet. Who doesn’t know that a king sized quilt will use up a ton of fabric. Apparently, I did not. On Saturday I had a moment of panic. I was about to run out of fabric for a... Read more »

Play list for sewing mishaps

How about when you break a needle that is basically brand new? Let's see if we can't find a song for your mood.
Have you ever made a mistake while sewing? Me too, all the time. Sometimes I have to walk away. Sometimes I just breathe and every once in a while I may say a bad word or two. I need a new response and for that reason I created a play list for sewing mishaps. Flip... Read more »

What makes a quilter a VETERAN quilter?

A while ago I published a post on what makes a teacher a veteran teacher. The word veteran has been on my mind since then. I recently attended a workshop where the teacher had us declare how long we had been quilting. Some of the participants labelled themselves as new quilters but that seemed to... Read more »

My take on the recent public controversy in the Quilting Community

I am a quilter and I love the quilting community. I have taken wonderful classes, attended superb quilt shows and met kind hearted people. I am generally so darn proud to be a quilter. Today, however, I was not. I had non quilting friends posting about the recent public controversy in the Quilting Community and... Read more »

Small design walls are also fabulous

I have written before about my design walls. Yes, that is plural, I have a large one for me and one for Zara. I thought she might not like having such a big one so I ordered her a small one via Massdrop. It arrived and I excitedly showed it to her. She politely said,... Read more »

A quick tip for sewing room safety

Sewing room safety is not a huge concern for quilters but there are a few issues to worry about. We work with big machine, items that cut and needles. Usually we are extremely careful about all of these factors. I have to admit, however, that I’ve been negligent in one area for years. Changing my... Read more »

Let's talk about bidets

I traveled to Mexico in High School and lived in Spain for a year in college. I don’t know when I learned about bidets but there must have been a moment when someone clued me in. I imagine a teacher or friend said, Let’s talk about bidets. When I took students to France for the... Read more »

Here's a quick way to get more use out of your deck

Last year we redid our deck and I adore it. It’s clean, sleek and will never need any work from us to maintain it. When winter came it felt like we had lost the use of a room. I had a great idea that I am sharing with you. Here’s a quick way to get... Read more »

How to save favorite stained, ripped or torn garments

I am famous for wearing what I eat, right on the middle of my shirt. I have clothes I have purchased that never quite fit right or felt good. I have other clothes that somehow shrink in the closet. I am all about getting rid of those items. I go through my closet twice a... Read more »

I had sleep issues and this is what I did about them

Sleep is great, isn’t it? You need to sleep and most of us like to sleep. But it’s not always so easy. I had sleep issues and this is what I did about them. My first and longest issue is snoring. I tried denial for quite a while but when I woke myself up snoring... Read more »
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