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How to Toddler Proof a Christmas Tree

We have two grandchildren that we love like crazy. The oldest never paid any attention to the Christmas tree until last year and that was because I had two Barbie ornaments on it. Once I surrendered those to her, we were fine. Our youngest is destined to climb Mt. Everest or rival Houdini’s records. He... Read more »

How to behave if the other candidate wins the election or sometimes quilts and life have unexpected results

Tonight is the election and some people will be happy with the results and others will not. This happens every four years. Sometimes the person for whom I voted wins and sometimes I am disappointed. I am sure you have had similar joy or sadness. I bet we have both managed to celebrate or get... Read more »

Halloween atmosphere can be fatal to some - please call if it makes you think about suicide

Halloween is a time of year for decorating, parades, candy and costumes. It can also involve Vampires, cobwebs and fake blood. In addition, there are decorations which take things a step further with created corpses in trees, fake graveyards and tombstones. All of these elements are combined in Haunted Houses which scare some and delight... Read more »

Sewing saves me money even when I buy brand new clothing

I used to sew all my clothing in high school. I no longer do, but sewing still helps me with my wardrobe. I never pay tailoring costs for a hem change, for example. But this is not all.  I have discovered that sewing saves me money even when I buy brand new clothing. I am currently having... Read more »

Advice on how to reignite quilting and sewing desire

I am coming down from the high of a vacation and I seem to want to make my photo book and not sew. Yes, I said that, I am wanting to do something more than sew. I am shocked also. I have to figure out how to reignite quilting and sewing desire. I once wrote... Read more »

Old School sewing manuals have some good tips

My older daughter is a good hearted soul. She went to a recent fundraiser where a percentage of sales went to a child’s medical bills. She bought some cute things and spied some vintage booklets she thought I might like. And surprisingly, I did. Even though the publication date is 1948 these Old School sewing... Read more »

Updates on earlier posts

One of the things I love about writing this blog is the feedback I get from people about my posts. Sometimes they just want to chat and other times they clue me into things I had not thought about. I wanted to share some of these contributions in this post which I shall call updates... Read more »

How to conquer our own personal quilt police and inner doubts

We all have doubts some times. I know I do. I just boxed up my Pulse quilt and I wanted to put a note in there that it’s OKAY if they hate it and just want to throw it out. I get nervous sometimes when I think I am going to be judged by strangers.... Read more »

I want to read and use adjectives besides awesome and amazing

The English language is extremely rich and diverse. It’s impossible to count them all but Webster’s estimates there are about 750,000 English words. Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is but I want to read and use adjectives besides awesome and amazing. I don’t have to run through the whole three quarter of... Read more »

What to expect when replacing your wooden deck

Take pictures of your old deck so you can enjoy the contrast when the project is over.
We live in a four unit condo building. We are on the second floor and have a twenty year old deck off the kitchen as does our neighbor. The people below us have a patio underneath our deck and we all decided it would be a good idea to not have our deck collapse on... Read more »
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