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9 Quick Sewing Machine Tips Learned the hard way

I am trying to finally get the blocks done for Zara’s No Dragons on my Quilt and last night I was oh so close to finishing one. I was eager to go downstairs and watch a show on TV with my husband with a piece of pie. Fine, it was the pie that was really... Read more »

Why you should get your Longarm Tuned Up

I bought myself a Gammill Longarm in June of 2010 at the International Quilt Festival, the first one I ever attended. My husband joked that it was an expensive quilt show. I ordered my machine from At the Heart of Quilting in Beloit, Wisconsin. I attended a two day orientation workshop when I first purchased... Read more »

Everyone in Chicagoland should visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum

A number of years ago I was fortunate enough to visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. It was a sobering but important visit and we brought our tweens along with us. I know that schools study the Holocaust and visit DC but this kind of a lesson was something I wanted to... Read more »

I bought a Sewing Machine for a 2 year old

Thursday at the quilt show, I bought a sewing machine for a 2 year old. And yes, I agree it was fairly insane. But I just couldn’t help it. Haven’t you ever just done something crazy and then not even regretted it? That was me and this darling machine. Let me start at the beginning.... Read more »

8 reasons to have a Big Fabric Stash

Many of us who quilt like to buy fabric. That is pretty understated, yes? Let’s try again and I’ll be more honest. Many of us who quilt adore fabric like crazy fools and buy fabric like drunken sailors whenever possible. Little closer to the truth or are you in-between? I am a certified fabric fool... Read more »

12 ways Deocorative Tins will organize your life

Most people think of tins being used for sewing supplies or buttons. Sure enough, I have my button collection in an old Maurice Lenell cookie tin that I got from my mom. But this is only one way to use tins.
I like being organized but not too organized, I like some softness. I also like saving things from being thrown in landfills. But most of all, I really like decorative tins, vintage if possible. I am here to let you see how decorative tins can improve your life. For real. Some of my decorative tins... Read more »

9 ways to find Quilters in a group

Last month was my first experience at a really big quilt show where I spent the night, away from friends and family. Usually I just hit quilt shows in the Chicago area for a day trip. When I was there I found it incredibly easy to strike up a conversation, eat lunch with or shoot... Read more »

Better Tips for Turning Fabric Inside Out

I recently wrote a blog where I gave what I thought were decent ideas for turning fabric inside out. Boy, was I mistaken! All of you had way better ideas than I did. I took them to heart and today I decided to make a bunch of headbands for my daughter and try out these... Read more »

Tips for turning fabric inside out

I’ve been sewing for over 40 years and in that time, I have turned a lot of fabric tubes, fabric loops and fabric cylinders inside out. Some are a snap and others are much more of a pain. Over the years I have tried various ways to wiggle that fabric to the opposite side with... Read more »

Balancing sewing and life or how I burned dinner

I love the sanctuary of my sewing loft. I am in my own little world up there and although it’s a loft, I can be very isolated from the rest of the world. Tonight I got home from watching Zara and I knew I had an hour to sew plus there was dinner to consider.... Read more »
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