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What to do if you run out of quilt motivation

Sometimes I hit the wall in life. I just run out of ideas, I think we have all done this. We don’t know if we can think of one more dinner to make, one more lesson to teach or maybe even one more quilt to make. I am hoping that quilting never becomes ho hum... Read more »

Quilters will never become millionaires, sew what?

I like money as much as the next person. I am more than willing to have fun with it, buy some fabric, travel, give some away. But I am not that into money which is obvious from my history. I was a teacher, a profession not know for millionaires and now I am a quilter.... Read more »

I need a Spa Day just for quilters

Sewing and quilting are my hobbies and passion. They restore my spirit, delight my brain, give me satisfaction, beautify my home and also give me tremendous friends. They also can be a pain in the neck. Back. Legs. Eyes. Hands. You get the idea. After a lot of sewing and quilting I need a Spa... Read more »

Quilters' Bill of Rights

Here in the States we have various wonderful documents spelling out the freedoms and rights we can expect to enjoy. Sometimes there is disagreement on exactly how one should exercise these rights but we all agree that it’s a great thing to have them written down and preserved. I don’t have enough space to create... Read more »

What to say to Quilters about their quilts

I did a post on what not to say to quilters, I thought it would be great to follow it up with a more positive one. How about what to say to quilters about their quilts. When a Quilter shows a quilt at guild, online or at their house, they are vulnerable. At a show,... Read more »

12 things never to say to a Quilter

Nobody wants to say the wrong thing, right? But to the unaware, there are ways of asking questions or making remarks that just get on a quilter’s nerves. I am sorry, they just do. I have made many a meme about that very subject.  How about if I create a list of 12 things never... Read more »

4 Best Quilting Sewing Articles I've read lately

I love making quilts and I love reading about them. I think quilters are the best people on earth and adore learning new things that they do. This past week I have read some fabulous pieces that I just had to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy the best quilting sewing articles I’ve... Read more »

10 Things Likeable Quilters do

I have seen posts like this for office workers, friends and now there is one for Quilters. I love my quilty peeps, but there are some that I love more than others. It could be that we just click on some molecular level or it could just be that there are things likeable quilters do... Read more »

10 Tips for successful bowling with a Toddler

Tip # 1 - Establish that all the video, gaming and light blinking machines are actually broken. Darn it!
My husband and I will be watching both of our grandchildren starting tomorrow as my daughter’s leave is up. Some events are easier to do when you outnumber the kids so we have been doing some activities with just Z lately. We’ve been to the movies, open gym, restaurants and recently, bowling. The adventure was... Read more »

Need a public restroom in the Chicago area? Ask me, I probably know where one is.

When you are on the go do you ever need a public restroom in the Chicago area? Ask me, I probably know where one is. I don’t like to brag but I have lots of experience seeking them out. If I am not around, look for a lady about my age; chances are she will... Read more »
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