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Labels and political signs

My sewing lately has been comprised of many micro projects. Sometimes I enjoy doing something that can be finished quickly. Labels and political signs both fall into this category. When my older sister went to college my mother sewed her name into all of her belongings. I believe she ordered the name labels from Sears.... Read more »

I sewed my sign for the Chicago Women's March 2018

When I was in high school and college, I never marched in any kind of protest or statement march. I guess I decided I would wait until I was in my 60’s because this was my second! This year, I sewed my sign for the Chicago Women’s March. The theme of the march was March... Read more »

What did you do on International Women's day?

I decided to make a sign mentioning my former teaching experience and not quilting. I also wore a red t-shirt and coat.
Wednesday, March 8, was International Women’s day, a wonderful concept and certainly celebration worthy. What did you do on International Women’s day?  A couple of weeks ago I figured I would wear red, done. But my energized and motivated daughter decided to plan and hold a Women’s day march right here about 6 days ago. We are... Read more »

Quilters Represent at Women's March on Chicago, January 21 2017

This is my march sign. I made it the night before based on some other signs I had seen. I want to sew a better one. Why? That's a really good question!
I am 63 years old and I had never marched in a protest. Nope, not even in college when everyone else seems to have protested something. The right event, location, motivation and accessibility never seemed to line up. I thought maybe someday and this weekend, it was that day. I participated because I am a... Read more »

My Pulse Quilt is completed #Quilts for Orlando

My Pulse quilt is completed and I loved every minute of making it. I really enjoyed having a basic element, the heart, that I needed to include but free rein otherwise. I kept imagining someone getting this quilt and my desire that it provide some comfort. Part of the fun challenge was doing ruler work.... Read more »