Low Volume sweet baby quilt

My grandchildren are 5 and 3, not small babies anymore. But their beloved Nanny had a baby so I got to hold an infant again. But first I made a low volume sweet baby quilt.

I had the expectant mom over to look at fabrics and my photo books of quilts I've made. She loved one that I had donated and we picked out fabrics together. She was due about now so I thought I had plenty of time.

bq-re-4Here is the thing about babies, they sometimes don't know when their due date is. Crazy, I know. This little guy started trying to make his appearance early.

I jumped into action but we had a trip planned, etc. I tried to go fast but he arrived 4 weeks early and about 2 days before his quilt was ready. bq-re-2

I was glad that I had made a quilt like this before. This one was just one more row and a rectangle, not a square. It's a baby quilt, only 12 blocks.

Each row has three variations of a 9 patch in it. I varied white and cream with some grey thrown in at the Mama's request. I had fun figuring out where to put each block.

I think only the first row is without any grey. When I quilted it I used white thread. I circled and swirled to my heart's content.


I think it's easier to see the quilting on the back side. The back is one fabric. It's a subtle kind of stripe with white and cream. I used the same fabric for the binding. I did the binding by machine as I expect it to be washed a lot!bq-re-3

I was pretty pumped to finish it. I had my husband hold it up and took pictures. Then I washed and dried it and took a picture outside. I like the way a quilt looks in natural light.

The best part of all was going over to visit the new sweetie. My daughter and grandchildren came also even though they had already visited. Who doesn't want another chance to hold a new baby?

I was lucky enough to hold that angelic little creature a few times before he started crying. Then you know what I did? Why I gave him back to his Mommy, of course!


Sew happy!

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Here's a link to the first quilt I made which inspired this one.

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