How to make a favorite t-shirt roomier

Last month my husband and I went on a road trip to visit family in Tulsa, OK. Along the way I had the pleasure of stopping in Hamilton, MO and shopping my brains out. It was glorious.

I picked up nifty fabrics both there and in Libery, MO at Angela Walters' store, Quilting is my Therapy. Besides patterns, precuts, yardage and magazines I also got two t-shirts. While in Tulsa, I decided to wear one of the t-shirts when we went out to dinner.


When I tried the t-shirt on in the motel room, I thought it looked just fine. It was V-Neck, my favorite. It was size 3X womens, my size. I liked the color and the saying on the shirt.

That night my husband asked the waiter to take a picture of us all. He gladly did, in fact he took a couple. My husband passed his phone around so everyone could see their pic.

I was not thrilled with my tummy roll in the picture. The shirt looked fine when I was standing up but all the fabric go used up when I sat down.

I was so unhappy with it I even put a heart collection on the picture before I let him put it on Facebook. Yeah, I know that looks pretty weird also. This led to me copying an upcycled shirt a friend ts-re-8had bought at a craft show.

When I got home I washed that shirt in hot water and dried it in the dryer. Then I slit it at the underarm seam on both sides. I put it on and measured how many inches would make it comfortable.


I cut out that same amount plus a half inch on each side of a different t-shirt. It was an old shirt I didn't wear anymore so I upcyled the sides of that shirt.

I used my Serger and sewed up the four seams. Done.

You can see the sewing on the right and how each side looked on the left. I think it's a terrific way to make a favorite t-shirt roomier. Do I LOVE the way it looks when I am sitting, no, but it looks a lot better. ts-re-9

I have now done this to 4 t-shirts. One, I even added extra length.

That took a little more time. I created the length as a big serged tube. I then just stitched it to the existing bottom.

I am thrilled to have made good use of 4 shirts that were just sitting in a drawer. I am even happier to have four shirts I really like be nice and roomy.

And you can even take my picture in them. No heart camouflage will be necessary!


Sew happy!

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